As of November 2012 this file contained the following:

Trilogy 0 Prequels and backstoriesEdit

this contains the following folders, plus a file called "Homeworld's Jo'saranae Paragan"

Paragan backstory before Sen'tran sept 2010Edit

contains only an empty folder called Terran 8 backstory

Sentran backstory sept 2010Edit

contains the following folders, as well as the files called "sept 2010 sentran progress file' and sept 2010 holes to filll or fix sentran pre Jonathan"

Copied Sent'ran before JonathanEdit

Contains the following files:

Rhoisoan breeding and genetics Sunshine Darcy Jonathan

Sen'tran discovers Terran 8 and meets Quetz'l Dec 09

Sen'tran's apprentice Kai'tonzorien Paragan

this file contains only the following:

"Sen’tran’s apprentice Kai’tenzarien Paragan. (Kai’zen) aka Kaizen Roizoh (he took this name when he took over their planet)"

book one Sen'tran and the birth of JonathanEdit

contains the following two files:

Sept 2010 wip Sen'tran gives birth to Jonathan Storyline

about the planet Moonlight Oasis sept 2010

Book two Alex and JonathanEdit

contains the following two files:

Chapter summary Alex is born Sept 2012

Jonathan implant sexuality telepathy Sentran dec 09

backstory three journey to D'zeronEdit

contains a folder called D'zeron old file dec 2009, which contains two folders:

Jai-Ten History Alex Jon Sen Dec 09

Tark and Alexandreil Feb 09

backstory four DesmondEdit

contains these 5 files:

Dec 09 Desmond on HomeWorld LDS colony Rae and Leroy

Desmond Derreck and Alex

Desmond Rae and Leroy Sept 2010

Rae Character Description Feb 2010

the Parable of Sen'tran Jenzar

this file contains also backstory on Jonathan's birth, Desmond, Rae and Sen'tran's relationship, the timeline, etc. I should read through this carefully an process this information


this file contains probably all files relating to this story except perhaps the most recent draft. I am not going to transfer these files to the Wiki at this time, as they are well organized on the computer. Good enough for now.

Sentran before JonathanEdit

contains the second two files in "Copied Sen'tran before Jonathan" above. hopefully I will be able to get all these consolidated and organized soon.

Jonathan's birthEdit

contained several versions, which I consolidate into one file here. also contained a stray file called Sen'tran and Alex and Jonathan

some of these files were for a 2009 nano novel attempt with Jonathan/Sen'tran back story

Alex and JonathanEdit

there is one file Alex is born Sept 2010 update

and one Folder called "in D'zeron" containing three files:

Tark and Alexandreil Feb 09 [same as above]

Jonathan and Alex and Desmond on HomeWorld LDS colony 2159 [same file as in backstory 4 Desmond above]

Jai-Ten history Alex Jon and Sen Dec 09 [same as above, I think---check this soon]

Alex and RhondaEdit

contains 5 files:

Alexandreil and Rhonda backstory questions.

Events in order for Alex and Rhonda backstory

Rhonda and Alexandreil and Leon

Thearon and Alexandreil after Desmond Dies

Jason's ChildhoodEdit

Epic prologue brainstorming Dec 2008 and prologue chapter outline Dec 09 Nov 09

--these two are Basically the seeds of the New Start Version

Prologue random scraps moved from other parts

--this is basically about his meeting Darcy etc on HomeStation

Jason Scott-Harris Childhood Trilogy Jan 09

Jason's Missionary discussion intro fiction 2009

Sen Jon alex files to copy.Edit

Contains a huge number of brainstorming files on many subjects. i cannot copy all of these now they need to be sorted. I will in due time attempt to sort them and add them to the appropriate categories both on the computer and the wiki.

Trilogy 1 D'zeronEdit

this would be the actual Freshstart files version, as the "versions" refer only to the destiny of dreams portion of the story, and often only to book one.

thus, I will make a seperate page for this Part of the Freshstart file.

Fresh Start Version

Trilogy 2 Dynasty of DreamsEdit

Trilogy 3 Savior of HomeWorldEdit

Trilogy 4 RestorationEdit

Trilogy 5 a Gift of Time.Edit

Trilogy 6 distant future, not time travelEdit

Characters and culture and backgroundEdit

DOD pictures fall 09Edit


Sorting fileEdit

timelines plans chartsEdit

x 2009 NanoEdit

x DoD the start, complete edited sectionEdit

X DoD time capsule Nove 2009Edit

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