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During camp Nano 2016 I decided to take a break from poetry and essays which were my project goal, and do a little updating on Destiny of Dreams. I am feeling more confident in my ability to write a complete novel and wanting to complete one of this series. and the one I want to complete is book one of destiny of dreams, NOT the new start version, the one that started with Jason and Harris about to leave the Marrion Jay.

Series outline:

book one Destiny of Dreams : Son of Desmond Harris

from the planetary approach of the Marrion Jay through Jason and Harris traveling to D'zeron, Jason marries Serai, and ending with Harris agreeing to say in D'zeron for a time.

book two Destiny of Dreams: Dream Weaver

Starts with Allissa and Chathalen [origional 2007 NaNo start], includes Jason adjusting to life with Serai and her students and pets, Allyssas's journey, Harris carrying message in dreams and falling in love with Allissa, the ancient forest, Lenn and the dragons, and ends with the resolution of the barrier between CHathalen and Allyssa. It will be clear in this book that they love each other as best friends and almost siblings, but agree to marry out of duty more than desire. Chathelen will be shown to be a very unstable impulsive character.

Book Three: Smoke of Burning Roots.

In the spring, the Marrion Jay returns to terran 8, and Jason and Serai are going to take Lenn and Chathalen to meet Jonathan. Harris is also going to return with them. Their intention is to return after a short visit.

[this book might be sort of filler-ish and thus I might skip over it and go directly to the action packed second trilogy for the time being , it depends on how I feel after completing the first two. but I still plan to write it]