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about the planet Moonlight Oasis sept 2010

the planet Moonlight Oasis [that goes with and explains the name of DaraJeen’s in Aisis Oasis, since it was a brothel established by Roisohan people and her father was Rhoysian …this planet would have several moons, and thus a very interesting sky, but perhaps some other odd conditions making it have only moon light.

it is in constant eclipse, there being a larger planet which stands between it and the star they circle?

(This planet was chosen because they are trying to attract Paragangian genetic material, and Paragangians don’t much like daylight) I’ll see if I can arrange something like that. It is a planet very similar to Tarren 8 with mostly water and relatively little land, but it does not have a dream field.

Harris’s fear of water might not be typical of all Paragangians, but something he developed because of his childhood experience in the gardens of Home Station? else, why a water planet for this? [before I tought they all hate water genetically because of their fur}

It might be scattered with many islands, so all the lands are small, and different themed resorts on each land and a romantic transportation systeme. so the place would be like a huge planetwide beach resort, where you could rent a private island with whatever climate you like with whatever companion you like. Parts of it would be aimed to Paragangians ad parts to non-Paragangians. thus parts of it would be natural and parts more technological. The Paragangian parts might tend to be more dry.