A branch of the Anthropology department, but also an interdiciplinary program, including engineering, art, history, biology etc.

Based in Waters Hall, with a tower added during the time of Jordan Keerigan-Smith, containing his office at the top, [later Jason's office] which has an entrance from the roof and a landing pad for air-cars, and a passageway to the large amphitheatre-style lecture hall in the lower part of the tower, Which Jordan built because he loved to put on a show for his students, and Jason also used when he was doing his climbing demonstrations for his class.

the opening chapters of the New Start Version of Destiny of Dreams take place in this building.

The Alien studies Program at KSU was founded by Jordan Keerigan-Smith shortly after the beginning of the Earth Alliance. Jordan would have still been head of department at the time of the HomeWorld story

the following other people belonged to that department at different times:

Sherman Hawthorn Sr

Jonathan Landon

Jason Scott-Harris


Devon Estrada [the time travel expert in Gift of Time]

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