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Intended to be the Protagonist in the Nano Novel Version, she became for a time a fairly insignificant character, and then when I decided Chathalen would have to die, she again gained status as a character by marrying Harris Jenzar .

She lives in the limited technology village of D'zeron .

Her mother is D'neira the Matriarch and Dreamkeeper of D'zeron. Her father is one of the Ancients , a proto-Paragangian race who secretly live beneath the sea on Terran 8 .

She is small and short and perhaps slightly autistic. unaware of and uninterested in the social customs of her people, she spends most of her time foraging in the forest around the village. She is destined to marry her freind Chathalen who is 5 years older than her. Serai , the village Weaver [sort of a matchmaker] keeps trying to help her realize this is her destiny, but Allyssa is not interested in marriage, and thinks her friend Tersh [[[Jason Scott-Harris]] 's half brother, Chathalen 's father] would be the ideal husband for her.