The Ancients in Jason 's time live secretly beneath the sea of Terran 8 in communities very much like Paragangian ShipCommunities and Space stations. They use the same technology more or less. I have not given a name yet to the place they live, or deterined if they are all together or in seperate domes or whatever. D"zeron Dreamkeepers can travel to where they are. they refer to it as "the Plane of Authority" the Idea for them to live in domes beneath the sea was insistantly suggested..I might say demanded--by my DUaghter Angie. HSe insisted there had to be a place where people lived under a dome under the ocean as in the movie Atlantis. this worked well for the Anceints at the time she suggested it. the do not ever swim through the ocean to get to the surface though they can and do swin through the ocean. they teleport through the dream plan to get to the surface. 

Ancient history of Terran 8

Long ago, these people and Paragangians were one Race, but they separated into two tribes. the Ancients moved into the sea as the Proto-Paragangian people moved into the mountains and into space. The Proto-Paragnagian people used technology in a reckless way and destroyed most of the land from off the surface, leaving the Ancients Isolated under the oceans, and the remaining Proto-Paragangians took refuge in space, wandering off to find a new planet suitable for habitation.

Shortly thereafter, Zeneth brought the colony of D'zeron [including animals and people brought from earth thousands of years in the future--from the time of Caraston's father who was part of this founding colony] to Terran 8 . The Anceints helped them integrate into the planet's recovering ecology, and also created, using local and imported genetic material, spies to watch them: small winged creatures which the D'zeron people called Dragon Ferrets .

like Re, the ANceints did not aprove of the technological or Genetic manipulation done by Sen'tran's people or Kai'zen's people. they beleived in keeping technology in tune with the planit and were very careful in all their creation to abide by this principle, making it more like a guided evolution than a genetic manipulation.

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