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The planet which was given to the Earth Government [American government] by Paragangia in exchange for the land to build Earth Station Mexico.

first settled by the artist and inventers colony lead by Nicodemus Strauss and Gaia. Both Blue Destiny and it's sister planet Beta Blue were named by Nicodemus Strauss.

later settled by a colony of Christian extremist who drove the original colony to leave and settle on the nearby planet Beta Blue , which came to be known as Hell Colony .

It is a pleasant, tropical planet for most of the planetary surface, with moderate consistent temperatures. a sort of paradise planet.

after the Shattering when Gaia/Leviathan consumes the entire population of both Blue destiny and Hell Colony , the planet is given to the State of Mexico in exchange for the expansion of Earth Station Mexico as it become the gathering place of Paragangian refugees. Blue Destiny then becomes Planet Mexico