Paragangia Wiki

all Paragangian communities are connected, internally and to other communities, by a Network called the CommunityMind. Each Community Mind is Centered in the implant of a single individual who is called the Center. This includes the Center of the entire Empire, who is linked to every other Community Mind and therefor to the entire Empire. Traditionally, the Center of the Empire had to be a descendant of the Prophet Paragan, and Is named Paragan.

In his time, Jason Scott-Harris is the last legal descendant of the Prophet Paragan, and therefore is desired by the Empire as Center, as was his father Desmond, even though they are both more Terran than Paragangian.[technically all of Kaizen Rhoisoh's many decendandts also descend from Paragan, but they have been genetically altered and banished]

All Paragangians are linked to the CommunityMind through a Memory Implant they are given at age 4. outsiders can choose to become a member of the Community at an older age by recieving an Implant if the Patriarch agrees to Implant them. Jonathan made this choice when he was 8 years old so that he could remain with Alexandreil.

TO be Center, or to be the Navigator of a ShipCommunity, one must receive a Central control implant. Only Sen'tran can implant a central control implant, so he has control of who can take these positions of power in the empire.

The Center also presides as Paragan in ceremonies, in which he wears a long black cape and a headscarf and makes his eyeballs entirely black. When playing this role Desmond also had to make his skin black since it wasn't. Jason would do the same.

people who serve as center of the empire during the course of the story are:






Sen'tran of course is center of the Marrion Jay community and ALexandreil's father is center of the Earth Station Mexico community mind. [I need to creat a center for the Jai-ten community mind]