Son of Tersh

Nephew of Jason Scott-Harris

Healer of D'zeron at the time Jason and Harris arrive. Oversees the healing of Jason.

Boyfriend and eventually husband of Allissa . Father of her twins Luke and Laia. When Chathalen became Dream Bound on Home Station he told Harris to marry Allissa and raise his twins. He told Harris to name them these names. He did not want his Children to grow up without a father as he had grown up without a mother and Tersh had grown up without a father.

A very close friend and adopted brother in D'zeron to Harris Jenzar . Perhaps he loved Harris even more than he loves Allissa. He probably has a slight tendency towards same gender attraction due to Jonathan Landon's Moonlight Oasis altered genetics.

Apprentice to Dream Keeper D'neira

Cousin of D'neira --Sh'hara was the grandmother of both of these. They were also raised by the same mother so were in a sense also siblings.

Chathalen takes care of Jason when he arrives in D'zeron unconscious after his encounter with the wildcat mother. Chathanlen and Harris Jenzar become very close.

Chathalen returns with them to earth, leaving behind his pregnant wife, Allissa . He is killed-- trapped in the dream plane on the Paragangian HomeStation--by Thearon , and insists that Harris must marry Allissa and raise his twins.

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