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AKA Christian the Prince of Hell

Christian and Julie size comparison reference

Christian Strauss is the son of Nicodemus Strauss, the founder of Hell colony. When Christian was only a few weeks old Nichodemus was assassinated by Gaia who was his best friend and co-founder,

Gaia managed to get one of the leaders of the Christian colony blamed for the Assassination, This event sparked the move from Blue destiny to Beta Blue, which Gaia Renamed Planet Hell, because they were at war with the Christians. Gaia became the leader of Hell colony, but Christian was expected to take over when he grew up. Gaia became a father figure and much more to Christian, the most important person in Christian's life except his mother Shondra.

Christian is taken to earth by Shondra after her final falling out with Gaia, makes friends with Emily Hawthorn. Emily introduces him to Julie , the daughter of the man accused of killing Nichodemus. He instantly falls in love. Julie is at first terrified of him, both because of his appearance and because he is from Hell colony. Her abusive, alchoholic, strickly Christan father often rants about Hell Colony.

Christian drastically changes his appearance trying to appease her fears. They become friends, and then because he has turned away from Hell colony Christian's body rejects the BlueStone horn implants which he had allowed Gaia to implant in his skull to control him. the horns are removed by Emily's father in order to save his life because his body's attempt to reject them makes him deathly ill.

Christian mourning Gaia wip color

While he is recovering from this the truth comes out about the assassination of Nicodemus,

Dr. Hawthorn is fascinated by the bluestone, keeps the implants to study, makes friends with Gaia and Gaia gains control of him and His Leviathan project.

Christian Later marries Julie, They attempt to save Hell colony from Gaia, and then they go with Emily and Daniel to protect Homeworld as founders of the HomeWorld LDS colony


He was an artistically interesting Character, so I drew him alot for a short time.