all Paragangian communities are connected by a computer-like thing called the Community Mind. It's not really a comupter, though it's more like a network of the brains and memory implants of all the people. Although I suppose the implants themselves could be seen as something like a computer.

Each Paragangia person at age 4 receives a memory implant implanted in their brain [technically it is in the back of the skull but it connects to the brain] which connects them to the Community Mind. Each community mind is based in the mind of one person called the Center . the CommunityMind of the whole empire is normally centered in Paragan . however, because of the lass of the last known Paragan , Desmond Harris , in Jason's time the Center is Alexandreil Teppin who is not of the Paragan linage.

Each Ship Community also has a Community Mind independant of the Community Mind of the empire, which is centered by the patriarch of the Ship Community. For example, Sen'tran Jenzar , as the Patriarch of the Marrion Jay is the Center of the Marrion Jay.

To be Center one must have a Central Control Implant . One must also have a central control implant to navigate a Ship Community . Thus, Harris Jenzar is qualified to be Center.

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