The Dream Keeper and Matriarch of D'zeron during the time of Jason Scott-Harris .

Secretly married an Ancient and had Allissa, let her be adopted by a farming family rather than raising her alone. The parentage of Allissa is a very taboo subject, but she is supposed by the people to be the child of a visiting alien, like Chathalen. Allissa has no curiosity about her real parentage.

Nothing has been written about Allissa's Ancient Father and he has not been given a name.

D'neira is a mentor to Chathalen from a very young age. She is sort of a mother figure to him, since his mother is Dream Bound and is father adamantly refuses to remarry because he knows she is still alive in the dream plane. She is a relative of Chathalen's because Tersh's Mother was D'neira's grandmother. That makes them second cousins or first cousins once remove or something [=they have the same grandmother]

D'neira became Dream Keeper and Matriarch at a very young age [perhaps about 14] so that her mother could raise Tersh after Sh'harra died and Jonathan was banished along with all Paragangians. Basically she had the choice of raising Tersh or being Dream Keeper.

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