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Daniel Stone, a central character in the later parts of the HomeWorld series, was my first LDS [Latter-day saint, AKA Mormon] Character.

His mother is Salina Stone

I don't remember how or why I came up with him, but I will look it up in my journal one of these days and add it here.

At the beginning of the HomeWorld story Daniel is the best friend of Emily's Brother Sherman. He is two years older than Emily, but they are both highschool seniors because Emily is two years ahead in school. They have spent alot of time together from a very young age, because Sherman and Emily were always very close.

Daniel had been in love with Emily since he first saw her when he was about 6, however his parents made clear that he could not ever date her as long as she was not a member of the LSD church. His family teaches her about the church ad invites her often. She goes with them sometimes but shows no interest in joining the church, although she is respectful towards their religion.

Daniel lonely from DA

Daniel doesn't date during his high school years because he's not interested in dating anyone else, but publicly he justifies not dating by saying he's not going to date until after his mission. He also plays basketball and spends alot of time practicing and hanging out with his basketball friends.

He has a female cousin, Sam, staying with his family who is about his age and has a crush on Sherman, so Sam and Daniel have double dated with Emily and Sherman, with the understanding that Emily and Daniel were going along just to keep Sam out of trouble.

Emily and Daniel eventually do marry, after Emily seduces him in order to get pregnant to produce a human body to prevent the unchosen spirit of Wikki from taking her body to turn her into a demon when she hosts his spirit to prevent him from being assimilated by the proto-Gaia monster called Leviathan which was created by [and then assimilated] Emily's father, Sherman Hawthorn Sr. Wikki then becomes a Chosen One and is born as the son of Emily and Daniel Stone, Isaiah Stone.

Emily then becomes a member of the church, at first not so much because she believes in it, but because she feels terrible for corrupting Daniel. She does however quickly gain a testimony and become very devout.

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