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Harris 's innkeeper girlfriend on Jai-Ten, a chubby middle-aged woman who appears to be Terran.

Mother of Sunshine: Harris had a brief relationship with her on a drunken binge when he was 15 right after the ban was lifted. They conceived a child and the child [later named Sunshine] was taken by Thearon before Harris knew about her, and raised to become a weapon against him, since he was expected to become either Center of the Empire or Patriarch of Spacers. Harris learns of this child when she is about 10 after he has married Allissa and is raising her twins[who were fathered by Chathalen before he became Dream Bound ]

After this DaraJeen refuses to Marry Harris, standing against Thearon who wants another child because the first one is intractable. She tries to keep Harris away, but she loves him and he loves her, and feels he is married to her, perhaps unconsciously knowing they have a child together which in Paragangia makes them married for at least 12 years.[see Cellular Memory ]

Harris's relationship with DaraJeen is one reason he is reluctant to really marry Allissa.

Proprietor of the Aissis Oasis inn, which she inherited. Her genetic heritage is either from planet Rhoisoh or from Moonlight Oasis or both, with probably some Terran also, since she is shortish. although I guess not all Rhoisoans will be tall. Jason stays at the inn when he arrives in Jai-ten and has several conversations with her.

She has no dreaming or shape shifting and only minor telepathic abilities, which she uses to understand and communicate with her customers in her inn keeping job.

An unwilling minion of Thearon. Disappears after his death.

As of Oct 2012, since Moonlight Oasis people are genetically programed to attract Paragangians, especially Paragangians genetically similar to Sen'tran, this could explain why Harris was so attracted to DaraJeen, apart from her just being a good person.