Although I often use the title Destiny of Dreams to refer to the entire story including prequels and sequels, this title actually only refers to the part in which Jason Scott-Harris is the Primary protagonist. AKA, the completion of the 2007 Nano Novel. This part encompasses the time between when Jason sets out for D'zeron through the time when he finally accepts his destiny and becomes Paragan.

link to the latest rough draft: Journey To D'zeron

Destiny of Dreams has come to refer to a certain elusive something... a kind of destiny... things which might be inevitably in our future and because they are we have precognative dreams of them:

Am I destined to be an author?OR is it a self fulfilling prophesy, I decided as a teenager that when I was 50, after I had gained enough life experience, I would become an author? That choice lead me to I walk the path which brought me to where I sit now being an Author by my own definition,[of this wiki] even though by Scott's I am a brainstormer and not an author.

Was Serai the butterfly girl in D'zeron created, brought into life, by Jason Scott-Harris's Childhood dream in which he saw her in D'zeron? or was the dream of D'zeron actually passed to him inadvertently by Jonathan who had actually been there, and had connected with Jason in the dream world before Jason was old enough to remember? Or was he actually seeing the future through the dream world, and his marriage to Serai already existed in eternity and his mind in the dream time traced there and brought back the image of the butterfly girl, creating it's own future as Jason and Zenneth did in what is proposed to be the last novel of this infinite series? More recently I realized the girl from the dream was not his wife Serai, but his daughter Emily

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