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These creatures live in the mountains between Zair Thaleil and the Ancient Forest .

They eat rocks, and breath fire to break up the rocks and sterilize them.

They have their own portal to the dream plane and spend alot of time there. in general they are more skilled at dreaming than humans. they do not dream travel however. Perhaps they could if they wanted but the find the Idea objectionable for some reason.

they are fairly large, a hatchling is about 4 ft long nose to tail, about half of that being tail. Montarra is about 20 ft tall,

There are three main Dragons in the story,

Jayden , the baby dragon Adopted by Allissa. He's green.

Aubyn , A baby dragon who lives with Lenn in the Ancient Forest. Lenn put Jayden in the Well of Morning to get Montarra to hatch her out.

Montarra , the mother of Jayden and Aubyn who resents them living with humans. She's golden.

Dragon Ferret s were created by the Ancients by combining genetics from the Dragons with genetics from a ferret brought with the original D'zeron colony from earth.

Dragons have a law that if someone saves your life you have to stay with them and serve them until you have somehow repaid the debt. This might be why Lenn stays with the dragons.