A creature is called Dream Bound if it has a body in a Dream Plane which the creature's spirit is still attached to, so they are still alive in the dream plane, but it no longer has an attachment to a body in the physical world.

There are some creatures in the Ancient Dream Plane which are naturally Dream Bound, not capable of a physical existence but alive on the Dream Plane. Quetz'l is a dream bound creature.

Humans can become Dream Bound. The following people end up dream bound in some point of the story:

Chathalen's mother

Chathalen [For rescuing Harris and Jason from Alexandreil controlled by Thearon ]

Lenn [is born dream bound, and rescued by Alexandreil and Quetz'l]

Alexandreil [more than once...born dream bound and rescued by Jonathan, dream bound again with Chathalen to save Jason and Harris]

Desmond Harris [rescued by Jonathan]

Jonathan Landon [trades places with Desmond to give him another chance at life and to be with Dream Bound Alexandreil]

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