In the Destiny of Dreams Universe, certain people are able under certain circumstances to transport themselves physically from one place to another through the dream plane. Dream travel is the only way to get to the undersea cities of the Anceints on Terran 8. since the existance of that place is secret, the ability to do this is called Authority, and the place is refered to as the Plane of authority, suggesting that it is a part of the dream plane but it is actually a physical location. going there is part of the initiation ritual of Dream Keepers.

Serai transports herself, while dreaming, into the locked temple to be with Jason . They are then married in the dream plane and she conceives Emily in the dream plane receiving her Chosen One spirit from Rae who has traveled there also through dream travel.

they are both initiated as dream keepers shortly after that and taken to the Plane of Authority.

most of the guests and Jason and Serai's wedding are there through this capacity.

Anton's teleportation is a form of dream travel.

Sen'tran and Harris can transport themselves this way in emergency situations. Harris doesn't learn to do this until he is called upon to marry Allissa though. Sen'tran first demonstrates this ability in the Destiny of dreams story when he transports into the locked office of Desmond Harris to rescue Harris and jason after the battle with Thearon. He would probaly have the the ability when he first visited Terran 8 and was probably introduced by Shae .

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