there is another permanent Dream Plane on Terran 8 which Jonathan Landon named The Dream Wind, and to be on this plane he calls Walking on the Wind. It is by invitation only and the Rat Pigeons of Jai-Ten play there. it is not controlled by the Ancients, might not even be known by them [probably isn't--isn't known to the dream keepers, not even D'neira who is married to an Ancient [ Allissa's Father ] ]

I do not yet know how Jonathan got his invitation...perhaps from a Dragon Ferret he met while in that area. He did not invite the people of D'zeron , in general, but he did invite his son Tersh , Alexandreil , and Sen'tran . and Later his adopted son Jason Scott-Harris . although the wind on one planet is not accessible from another planet the invitation to the wind can be accomplished with a minimal dream field even that of a Paragangian family Dream Bond .

Tersh invites his wife and his son Chathalen to the wind. Chathalen grew up in it, probably from before he is born, so he is very skilled at navigating it.

Allissa is invited to the wind by Tersh when she casts the barrier against Chathalen, and they use the wind to travel together to the Ancient Forest .

The wind is invisible to the Dream Plane of the Ancients. I think the dragons also use it. Sen'tran could therefor have been those one who invited Jonathan, or it could have been Alexandreil who actually initiated it in that family, sine he had contact with the dragons. The casting of barriers and such however was initiated by Jonathan, and this is why Jonathan blames himself for the death of Desmond.

Chathaen's barrier was an adaptation of Jonathan's barrier into the Ancient Dream Plane , because Allissa had not yet been invited to the Wind then.

Quetz'l himself could have invited Jonathan and/or Alexandreil

When Jason comes to D'zeron he explains the WInd to D'neira , and she declares it legal, saying she cannot have any control over something she knows nothing about. Jason does not make the introduction himself, but allows Tersh to bring D'neira and Serai into the wind, so they can all visit Allissa together.

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