Jason Scott-Harris was born in Florida and grew up there until the time He moved to kansas to be with Jonathan Landon . The home they were living in at the time was the same home his mother Gloria Scott grew up in. It was on a beach and belonged to Gloria's father before she was born. Officially Jason was born in that house but he was actually born in Space in Rae's air car, with the intention of helping him develop Dream Bonds with Jonathan, Harris, Rae and Sen'tran, in case he might need those later in life.

Jason, growing up on the beach, loved the ocean and always had fond memories of the house on the beach. He goes to stay in the beach house when he needs to escape from life in Kansas, such as when he's making the decision whether to accept the job offer in D'zeron .

Gloria probably went back to living there after Jonathan was gone, Having no reason to remain in Kansas, so Hope Scott-Harris might partially grow up there [depending on how much time Desmond had to spend on the station being Paragan]

I Imagine the beach house as being in northern Florida on the gulf coast side.

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