A Sequel to the HomeWorld series taking place at ESM more or less During the time of Jason Scott-Harris . I say more or less because this is a story about time travel so it might actually take place in many different times.

However, the only part I have written of it, which is just a few small chapters at the start, take place at ESM in Jason's time.

The protagonist of this story, Carston Hawthorn , Is a distant cousin of Jason Scott-Harris . This was not intentional but is artifact to the fact that Carston is a descendant of Emily's brother Sherman Jr, and Jason's father came from HomeWorld LDS colony , where pretty much everyone descends from Emily Hawthorn .

They know eachother pretty well because Jason spent time on the station and they are about the same age. this again was unintentional, I did not realize they existed in the same time period when I wrote about Jason doing a field study at ESM.

Carston Hawthorn has dark purple hair and rides a skateboard. he was a bit of a retro-techologist, which again, was coincidental creation, as I was not thinking of Jason when I created him.

He is the apprentice of Wally the Terran Transport Technician at ESM. He learns how to use Paragangian transport technology to time travel, though illegal experimentation, He makes some mistakes and his wife Sharae gets left behind on a time traveling adventure. He spends the rest of his life trying to get her back.

Several of the characters in this story arose out of a random art project, just sketching random people on a car trip to Topeka, and then naming them. Gift of time was the story I was writing at the time, s it got those characters. wally and Grace were created that way. Grace Chavez was invented because the Wally picture was named "Uncle Waldo" which begged the question, whose uncle is he?

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