Created in the story "Christian the prince of Hell" which was an extension of the original Saviour of HomeWorld series, as the home planet of Emily 's new friend Christian Strauss .


In the time of Jordan Keerigan-Smith and Sherman Hawthorn , a paradise planet called Blue Destiny was gifted to the Americans by Paragangia in exchange for permission and space to build a space port in Mexico [ that later became Earth Station Mexico , after the Shattering ]. Blue destiny was first colonized by a group of eccentric artists and inventors lead by Nicodemus Strauss and Gaia . Lynzee Keerigan was also a founder of this colony.

soon after, another part of the planet was colonized by a group of Christians. Conflict arose between the two groups, Nicodemus Strauss is murdered, apparently by the Christians and the artist/inventer colony sought refuse from this conflict on a small frozen planet which had been previously mined by the Paragangians , and thus had a habitable space station sort of structure on it.

Gaia, who then becomes the leader, renamed the colony "Hell" because it was a place where the Christians would not come. The widow of Nicodemus eventually returns to Earth with her Son Christian Strauss .

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