the planetEdit

Beta Blue --AKA Hell-- a small frozen planet with a space station built on it by Paragangian minors long abandoned. it is in the same solar system as Blue Destiny, which given to the Earth in exchange for the right to build a small space station in Mexico as a part of the alliance with Paragangia , called the Earth Alliance .

The storyEdit

A backstory for Christian Strauss [AKA Christian the Prince of Hell] from the HomeWorld Series

A sequel for Lynzee's fountain, of sorts, as Jordan's mother Lynzee Keerigan joins the original colony of Blue Destiny from which Hell Colony evolves.

When Earth forms an alliance with Paragangia we are given a planet called Blue Destiny . a group of artists and inventors form a colony on the planet. soon after, however, a group of extreme Christians form another colony on the other side of the planet.

the Christians start bothering the artist, hostilities arise and eventually the artists retaliate. Nicodemus Strauss , the leader of the artist and inventers colony, works to make peace between the two colonies. as a gesture of acceptance he ames his son Christian. However, his best friend and second in command who goes by the name Gaia sabatages his efforts to make peace, killing Nicodemus and framing the leader of the Christian colony for the murder.

this increase hostility to the point where the artist colony are forced to leave Blue Destiny , withdrawing to a small foxes planet previously called Beta Blue , which has a domed Paragangian built space station on it, having previously been a mining settlement, they rename their planet Hell, because it is a place where there are no Christians.

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