With the help of Sen'tran, Jonathan, and Alexandreil, Desmond Harris working as a negotiator for the Earth alliance, initiates project to help rebuild the Paragangian Empire by creating a giant space station for them to replace the imploded planet Paragangia.

Desmond does not know he is Paragan but Sen'tran Knows. Desmond builds the station with the help of the spacers group who specialize in building and explorations, which is lead by Josarene Harridaine

Sen'tran does not at first support the project fully, because He cannot tell Desmond the truth and does not want to be part of forcing Desmond into the role of Paragan.

Jo is 12 when they first meet and she is constantly trying to get Desmond to marry her, when she turns 14 and is old enough to arrange a marriage for herself. She then proposes to Desmond officially and he officially turns her down. within minutes she is married to Sen'tran and Sen'tran agrees to provide the needed implant technology to make the new HomeStation the true center of the empire by creating a community mind for it. He secretly promises Alex and Jonathan that Alex will not have to be center, but publically, making Alex center is the plan. THearon and Calros's people celebrate their success. Sen'tran acts as Center while the station is being built, Durring the construction of the community mind. Prior to that it operated through the EM community mind, as an extension of that.

Desmond agrees to receive an implant as part of the agreement with Sen'tran, even though he knows will cause him to be ex-communicated from the LDS church, as such body alterations are striclty forbidden.

Sen'tran secretly gives him a Central Control implant and when his genetic code is entered in the community mind, lets it be known that the true Heir of Paragan has been found. He never reveals that the hair of Paragan and Desmond Harris are the same person. [I' not sure how that is possible so It might need to be adjusted]

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