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The home planet of the Unchosen, Shape shifters who live in the pseudo-cypress bogs there.

Prior the to Earth Alliance, there is an old Terran civilization on the planet which was planted by Zenneth. First alien contact with Earth is people from that civilization who traveled back to earth to discover the beginning-place of their race. see First Contact

In Jason's time there is also HomeWorld LDS Colony there, where Jason lives with Rae for a time, who is an Aunt of His father Desmond Harris. She raised Desmond. I don't know what happened to Desmond's parents, that might be an interesting backstory, I'm gonna try really hard NOT to think about that.

Desmond Harris was born on HomeWorld

Emily Hawthorn was born on HomeWorld, and returns there as founder of HomeWorld LDS Colony with her husband Daniel Stone , and their friends Julie and Christian Strauss .