Founded on the planet HomeWorld by Emily and Daniel Stone to protect the Unchosen from Gaia

Home town of Desmond Harris. Once a member of the colony, it is unusual for anyone to leave.

It is a closed colony, requiring special permission from leadership to join or to even visit. New members are occasionally welcomed though. Jason was allowed to visit because of his biological connection to Desmond and Paragan, and his destiny to be the father of Emily and thus help defeat Gaia,

future seeing is very common in the colony due to the Paragan genetics and the Unchosen/Chosen Ones.

Jason Scott-Harris spent a year there as a youth living with his Great aunt Rae who was a Chosen One and raised Desmond. He also wrote a book about his time there. All the content of the book was reviewed and approved by Rae, to be sure he wasn't revealing any secrets.

Other founding members were Christian and Julie Strauss, and their adopted Paragangian child JoSarenae Paragan [whom they may have given a different name but I have not given her one yet]

There is a branch of the LDS church there, and it is so much a part of the community that it would be difficult to be there and not be a member. It is unlikely that any non-members would choose to remain there. There is not a temple. all off-world LDS people travel to the ESM temple for their temple attendance. [It would not be officially called that, it might be named for the town at the gate of the station, but everyone would call it that anyhow, just as we call Winter Quarters Omaha]

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