At the end of the Savior of Homeworld series, on a planet called Homeworld, this colony was settled by a group of LDS young people lead by Emily [Hawthorn] and Daniel Stone, and Julie and Christian Stauss [formerly Christian the prince of Hell ]. because of Emily's Chosen One power to cast away Gaia they remained on Homeworld to protect the unchosen from Gaia, or in other words, to protect the universe from what Gaia would become if he were able to obtain and Unchosen spirit.

Normally it is a closed colony in which no outsiders are allowed to visit.

When Jason Scott-Harris was a very young college student, He went to live in the Homeworld LSD colony for a year. His BIological Father Desmond Harris grew up in the colony, and he was invited to stay with his grandmother Rae [Eliza Rachel Stone]

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