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Biological Daughter of Jonathan Landon and Gloria Scott conceived when Dream Bound Desmond Harris borrowed Jonathan's body to visit with Gloria. She was conceived when Desmond believed that he was going back to th dream plane, before Jonathan detached his own spirit from the body and it was transformed by Paragangian health maintanence technology to become genetically Desmond's body. Therefore, even though the spirit of the person who conceived the child was Desmond, the genetic material was still Jonathan's.

[Why do I put stuff like this into my story all the time? I honestly don't know why this appeals to me, it's just weird and sort of wrong.]

Raised as the child of Desmond and Gloria, she looks alot like Jonathan, though with blond hair like her mother, slightly also resembling her mother. Thus, since Chathalen and Jonathan looked alot alike, she looks alot like Laia, but with blond hair and dark golden skin a bit more exotic. She is also taller even though she is younger. The two of them hung out together but Hope is not of the same temperment as Laia, and only hung out with her because she felt sorry for her. Laia is smart enough to know this and is careful to flatter Hope and be nice to her and defer to her. Laia basically hung out with Hope Just for looks: they looked good together, and made eachother look good, so Laia gains status from this. Alone, Hope is more impressively beautiful so Laia is resentful and jealous of Hope's looks. Hope cares nothing about looks.

In spite of their general dislike for eachother they had alot of fun together and grew to love eachother over the years. Hope would be Laia's closest female friend, and all the adults would be grateful for this friendship for the sake of Laia. Laia would also be one of Hope's dearest friends, even though she has little respect for Laia. Hope travels with Laia to D'zeron a few times, and has a huge crush on Laia's twin brother Luke, and imagines he is waiting for her to marry him. She is very unhappy when he marries someone else, and swears to never visit D'zeron again. But she gets over it