Jason and Harris scan

only on his hand did I try to show the color of his skin, in that case, relative to Jason's

Jason always carries with him everywhere he goes a guitar made out of a turtle shell. it was Made by Rae 's Disabled husband, Leroy , for Desmond. [Rae married leroy at the time Desmond left for his Navigator training]

Jason often plays it to calm himself when he's stressed. He often plays hymn tunes because that's what he learned from Leroy

Guitars are a common theme in my story. Emily Hawthorn also plays guitar and the "gift" in the Gift of Time series is a guitar which belonged to Emily. I'm guessing guitar playing is popular on HomeWorld because of Emily.


Jason and Harris at Kaar-Taal, drawn by Rebecca Blackwell

itar playing is popular in the story because I love guitars, the are beautiful art objects, I have several and I always wanted to learn how to play one and tried and failed numerous times.


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