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watercolor sketch of Jayden on the high cliff

A baby dragon adopted by Allissa when she was about 8.

She found him crying in the Well of Morning. Much later she learned he had been placed there by Lenn in order to make the hatching of Jayden's baby sister dragon Aubyn possible.

Dragons spend alot of time in the dream plane, have their own prtal seperate from the one controled by D'zeron, and are generally not freindly with humans

The reason dragons breath fire is so they can sterilize the rocks they eat for breakfast. Saving the life of a dragon obligates a dragon to the person who saved it.

Eventually Jayden frees himself from Allissa by saving her from his mother Montarra .

Creation and Evolution[]

On the first day of November 2007 I told my Daughter Aubyn [about 8 at the time] I was writing a story about a little girl who found a baby dragon. Aubyn wanted me to name the dragon after her favorite Cartoon character at the time, which was Jaden Yuki from Yu-gi-oh GX. and so it was. Later she asked me to create another dragon and name it Aubyn, and so that was also.