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Mother of Harris Jenzar, wife of Sen'tran.

Anton is a close relative, a brother or a nephew.

has a very strong ability to see the future which she indulged in as a youth. thus she does not get along well socially because she is not able to lock herself from seeing the future. Sen'tran has the same genetic tendency but he on the other hand refuses to look into the future and is very skilled at blocking it most of the time.

Sen'tran marries her for two reasons. first, he knows she is right about the need to create an heir for Desmond, and because he knows she is going to have trouble if she marries someone who can't understand her future seeing, and her children with this gift will need his help to control it [similar to the reason he adopts Anton to help him learn to manage his teleportation skills.

Sen'tran choses to conceive another child with her right before he dies. after Sen'tran dies she marries Lenn, and Lenn raises Sen jr aka Landon as his own son. JO replaces Sen'tran in leading the Spacers, while Lenn and Anton replace Harris as the Navigator of the Marrion Jay. Lenn takes over full time when Anton leaves to help create the Restoration Planet. Landon trains to replace Lenn, but also eventually leaves to the Restoration planet.