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1serai's house pets students Perry etc[]

Serai’s house. 

the night after their marriage Jason’s life in her home begins.

they are out most of the day celebrating in the village and sending letters t his family, they get home late in the afternoon and have to do farm chores before bed. 

He loves her very much and is delighted to be with her, and for the first few days so much so that they spend every moment together. 

Jason’s marriage to Serai is not easy. He has to adjust to living in her house with her, where she has many different farm animals which sometimes enter the house, 

part of her house is used for her work…much of it is, actually…there is a separate private living space, as the family she inheirited it from were not all weavers, but she has allowed her day job to pretty much take over the house because she is lonely during the 5 years she is single before Jason comes. 

She has some animals who are sortof family to her. They will be something large and fibre producing, like a giant rat in personality only with very long fur which needs to be brushed often. marsupials, a bit like giant possums in appearance. angora possums.  they will have a very jealous relationship with Jason, competing with him for Serai’s attention, but in time they will become very attached to him and him to them. Wiffle and D’jinn.  

pets won’t be too much of a problem for him, he’s had lots of pets, though not any as aggressively part of the family as Wiffle and D’jinn. 

Wiffle and D’jinn are a mating pair who have never agreed to mate. They will now mate out of competition with Jason and Serai. I’ll have to figure out how they behave in raising babies, and if the male participates in it at all. marsupials carry their babies at first, so he might be constantly bothering the mother. D’jinn might feel really left out and thus mess with Jason more? and on the babies are delivered he might be the main caretaker, so Serai will tease jason about acting like D’jinn after Emily is born

kitten’s relationship to Wiffle and D’jinn would also be interesting. D’jinn and kitten would compete for Jason’s attention and affection. D’jinn is a house pet and kitten gradually becomes more of a wild creature who visits sometimes. Kitten would go out with Jason when he forages just like Jayden with Allissa, and Jason would talk to him as if he is a person because they dream together, so Jason respects him as a sentient creature. this is not to say that kitten is really any more sentient than D’jinn, just Jason feels that way because they are better able to communicate. D’jinn does not dream at all and is very physical in his approach to life. 

Gradually kitten would reach the point where he did not come in at all but he would have dream bond with Jason so they could dream together still. They have established dream bond through the trauma they shared. 

the animosity between Kitten and D’jinn is why Serai always brings him to the temple with her, and sometimes leaves him with Jason even when she is at home, because kitten likes Jason but sees D’jinn as pray (cats and mice, you know)

I think they will be rodant rather than marsupial because I understand rodent better, and it will be easier to relate to and it will mean he is just basically a huge glorified rat with no tail. angora rats. so when they have babies they will have LOTS of babies and it won’t take long. they would be a bit like long haired hampsters. 

Wiffle and D’jinn with Jason and Serai would parallel Marrisyl with Allissa and Harris on the light arrow in a way[why do I think companion animals should reproduce when their masters do?]

what Jason would perhaps have trouble with is the lack of privacy, the having her students and clients coming to the house all the time, because he was accustomed to having privacy. He might there for seek privacy by going into the forest in the day, as Allissa did. 

****** ******** **********

Jason wants privacy, time to himself where he can think clearly and rediscover who he is and know how to act and think about his new life and new Identity. Jason will be very good at weaving [the physical not social kind] and will help Serai with her work, in the evening, but will tend to avoid the other students, even though when he does stay home during the day he is a very good teacher, he can teach things Serai fails to teach, especially to certain students, and the students love him. He is a hero, but he is also just attentive and respectful in his teaching, and teaching is one of the skills he has mastered at home so he falls easily into that role, but it makes him a bit uncomfortable to go into that role here because he is a different person here, and it forces him to see the contrast between this and his life at home. 

He was able to be comfortable teaching at home[ksu] by making it a performance, entirely not personal but these students [in his home] are more like part of the family than like impersonal audience. His class were like fans of his show but these kids are very personally involved with him, especially one little girl who has emotional and physical problems and Does not learn well from Serai but is so awed by Jason that she will do anything he asks, and then is so grateful that he has made her able to show herself competent that she becomes even more devoted to him. He might actually become pretty friendly with her, and Emily will remind him of her. she is very young and very small for her age and he has a great empathy for her, but she is, once she comes out of her shell at his encouraging, not like Jason and Allissa. She becomes under his influence very outgoing and social. 

the boy who helps Jason become a forager ---PERRY---will become the weaver after Serai and will marry this girl. they will then sort of hold the role of the weaver together. They will also commit to marry at a very young age, openly, which is somewhat scandelous in D’zeron, and is eventually excused by their position in the culture…weavers are allowed to violate the customs to a degree because they are the executer of the customs. 

*** IN THE village file I had married Pery to a girl named Jordi who flirts with Jason and is the daughter of the head hunter

2014--this needs adjusted a bit to fit with the students in the graphic novel version. I think in the graphic novel version Perry might marry Aubyn, as they are very close in that story. thus the one Jason helps is not the one who marries Perry. it could be Lizzy, the little girl who is there with her brother. I think Ricky might be a good match for her, even though he’s a bit older. or BIlly, he’s the sort who might wait for a girl, since he’s still taking care of his family of origin. 

2 meeting ALlissa int he dream plane with Tersh[]

I have been thinking about the character Allissa. I need to make her more like an animal, with animal intelegence. she doesn’t understand culture but she picks up every little thing on the feelings of the people around her. except Chathalen, and his attachment to her, because it is not like the way other creatures respond to her, it is more a choosing of destiny rather than an animal passion. once she turns her passion to him, though, his passion becomes apparent. 

yet, given his prophesy skill, he always knows he will lose her, she will belong to someone else, and that makes him less spontaneous, and at times more desperate and self loathing

He does not understand that destiny is not inevitable, destiny is still subject to choice, it is a path we will be placed upon, but yet we still choose how we walk the path, what we make of it. 

Tersh took them to far hill, and called to her. The dragon emerged first, swirling down out of the treetops, landing ackwardly, heavily on the ground. He stalked forward. Jason glanced at Tersh, feeling afraid, but tresh grinned, and the dragon approached him like a cat coming to rub against a familiar visiter. 

She arrived through branches, and swung down smoothly into the clearing, her flight more graceful than Jaydens,  grace smooth over the years, it being her primary form of motion, and on the ground she walked as if she did not belong on the ground. an arborial primate ventureing forth into the world of humans. She Ran to tersh, and hugged him. he received her embraces stoically, not returning them. “Princess” he said “I have brought you visiters, see?” 

Allissa turned her attention as if noticing then for the first time. “Serai!” Serai returned her embrace as Tersh had not. “Allissa. How are you? It’s such a relief to see you are ok.” she held the younger girl at arms length and looked her over.  “You haven’t brushed your hair in weeks” 

“I’m in the forest, no one will see it. I’m sorry Serai. I didn’t know you were coming.”

“ This is my husband Jason” 

Allissa turned to him with a curious caution, as if examining an unfamiliar wild animal of a species she had never seen. Jason smiled politely and held his hand out for her to shake. “I’m pleased to meet you” She grinned, as if suddenly remembering her training in alien cultures. Her posture shifted, as if she were acting a part. She shook his hand, and carefully pronounced the words in English “I’m pleased to meet you also, Husband of Serai.” the way she did this reminded JAson of his first meeting with Harris.

what language do I speak in the dream plane? He realized he didn’t really form words in the dream plane, he just spoke in thought concepts, and people understood. Is it like that with Harris’s people, through the link? Is there no language here? or is it that the dream plane or the link could be considered another form of language, a means of communicating meaning from one mind to another.

momentarily lost in these thoughts, he felt her hand depart from his and returned his focus to her. She was staring at Harris, and Harris stared back, transfixed, almost the way he stared at DaraJeen when they were having Lunch together. “My brother, Harris Jenzar” Jason explained quickly.

“He seems a kinsman to me” Allissa smiled and turned back to Jason “When I marry Chathalen, he will be my kinsman.” she grinned up at Harris and held out her had as Jason had held his out to her. “Pleased to meet you, too.” she told him, with enthusiastic sincerity; not in English. 

Kinsman. it was the need of kinship which brought him to be legally married to Serai before he had even met him. Jason felt a chill, as if a shadow passed over him of dark things from the past which would come to greater darkness in the future. He  wanted to say something, to break the spell, end the connection, which seemed to be forming between them in their mutual fascination, but didn’t know what to say. He turned to Serai….she understood these things. She was already beginning to intercede “Allissa, Chathalen sends his greetings. He misses you greatly and waits for you.” 

     “Oh Serai! thank you! Tersh won’t tell me anything of Chathalen. I guess they are still mad at each other”

   ***Tersh might comment here or react, or Jason might notice him again since he is mentioned

“ Did you bring me a message, Serai?” 


“I did. “ Harris spoke up dutifully, perhaps a bit reluctantly, “he asked me to bring you this, so I must give it to you.” 

she grinned “Yes, you must.” 

“No Harris, you must not!” Serai was pale, shocked, perhaps angry, or maybe just afraid…? “Chathalen is a fool. Harris, don’t do this. this is a bad path everyone will be hurt by this. You don’t understand. Please listen to me.”

But his loyalty to Chathalen was greater than his respect for Serai,without waiting to hear Serai’s objection, Harris transformed into Chathalen,

“No.You can’t so this, Harris you don’t understand.” Serai moved to hold him back, to keep him away from Allissa, but Tersh, ginning like a mad man, grabbed her by the arm and threw her into Jason, gently, but with enough force that they tumbled softly to the ground, like stuffed toys.


Chathalen spoke to Allissa, professed his love, his apologies and hugged her, and even, impulsively, kissed her passionately. She responded in kind. 

It lasted only an instant, and Harris staggered back, dazed, eyes shattered, Allissa still holding his hands staring up into his shattered eyes, adoring. “Thank you Harris.” She whispered. I hope you will return my message to Chathalen. 

Serai raging leapt to her feet and Jason followed her

Tersh had turned his attention to them, still ginning. He stood before Serai, and held her back. “the weaver cannot dictated all the crossings, only see them define them. You may give warning yet you must always leave them to their foolishness, let them feel the pain if they chose it. It is theirs to choose.” 

“I hate you Tersh, You have no heart. He’s your Son! How could you do this? And Harris?”


Serai cried, and Jason cried with her in sheer confusion, not understanding what had happened or why she cried, but feeling the depth of her mourning.

Tersh softened, spoke sadly, His eyes grey “they have a higher destiny. Higher than us all, nothing we do will stop it, we might as well find what joy we can while we yet live.” 

Then the fears and rage seemed to pass as if it had never happened and they sat on the grass and exchanging travelogues, and then returned each to their own sleep and dreams, wherever they each lay sleeping. 

Later, Serai would explain to Jason what happened. She would yell at Chathalen about it in the morning. D’neira would agree with Tersh and this would make Serai very angry at D’neira.

later Harris would face Chathalen, reluctant to  continue the messaging, to continue to experience the passion of his friends. But he had to give back Allissas message, because it was the only way to rid himself of it. So he does, but Chathalen doesn’t have well enough control of himself to not give a return message. 

at this point Serai interveines, takes the message from Harris, gives it to Allissa and ends the chain. Serai is very angry with Chathalen after this because she feels by bringing Harris and Allissa together, he has signed his death warrant. [she beleives this because Tesh tells her basically this, and it rings true even though she doesn’t understand]

She talks to Allissa about Chathalen and Harris. Allissa knows already that Chathalen is going to die before Harris, Harris is Paragangian, and Allissa could go with him like Sharra went with Jonathan, after Chathalen and DaraJeen have both lived out their mortal lives. She has no compunction about thinking forward. She still intends to be a good wife for Chathalen, and the mother of his children. 

3 meeting allissa with Tersh older version []

jan 2011 did not read. 

probably needs total rewrite.

chapter 35  Tersh takes Jason Harris and D’neira to Allissa

*****part 3 *****Walking the wind with Tersh Serai Harris and D’neira.

Jason, being very tired, falls asleep quickly.  Harris is already waiting for him on the wind, looking like a pirate from some old earth movie. “We’ll get your girl first, before D’neira, so you can have some time alone” he says and soon Sarai is standing beside Jason. 

She laughs, and dances around with him. She is a pixie child in a long white dress barefoot, and Jason is a tired old man, tall and thin, dressed in ragged pajamas. She hugs him lovingly. He is taller than her now. “Aww, Harris, you were right, Jedi Jason really is very tired tonight”. When she lets go, he looks his right age again, and his pajamas are no longer ragged, and are now decorated with cheerful cartoon characters. Her dress has acquired swirly patterns in colors that match his, and they are both exactly the same size. 

As soon as D’neira joins them, appearing as a young girl with short hair dressed in the ornate robes of a teacher, Tersh is with them also, exactly as himself, only with long braided hair, wearing a grey robe like the one he always wears, only neat and clean. He laughs looking at them all. “a bunch of kids at a costume party—alright-- you’re good enough for now; you’ll learn how to be yourselves soon enough. Let’s go.” And he set off quickly walking through the forest to meet Allissa. Jason and Serai hold hands as they walk, and D’neira doesn’t seem to object.

****this was origionally at Far hill, but she will now have traveled another day or two by the time Jason and Harris arrive, so she will be farther into the forest, nearer to the mountains where the dragons are*****

****************part 5********* the others visit her

Then Tersh said “you’re never alone even when you think you are Allissa. There’s someone who wants to meet you now, wait here; I’ll bring them to you.”

And he ran into the forest towards D’zeron. She followed him with her eyes, tho in the waking world that would have been impossible, and in minutes he returned again surrounded by a small, colorful, dancing crowd. Her school friend Serai stepped forward first, radiantly beautiful in a shimmering multicolored gown that floated around her like her long wavy brown hair. 

“I finally found a man, Allissa, his name is Jason he’s from Earth. He’s a teacher but he climbs trees almost as well as you, even though he’s never lived in the forest. ***he will have demonstrated this when they walked to Tersh’s place*** He lives on earth with Tersh’s father, and he came here to talk to us for the Paragangians just as Derreck did. isn’t he wonderful?” and he’ll leave, just like Derreck thought Allissa. She smiled at Serai without even glancing at Jason. “That’s very nice Serai. It’s good to see you.” and hugged her friend warmly, then turned her whole attention to D’neira  “I’m sorry I left without saying good-bye, D’neira. How’s Chath’en?” 

“He misses you terribly. He was sad that he couldn’t come with us” she stated matter-of-factly. “I’ll tell him you asked about him. He will be pleased” 

D’neira glanced back at Jason and Serai, only to find they had sat down on the hillside and fallen asleep in eachother’s arms. Tersh looked at them and snickered “long day… they are so tired they not only dream in their sleep but they sleep in their dreams, and what very real dreams these will be.” 

Harris introduced himself, since Jason was not available for that purpose. “honored princess of D’zeron, I’m Harris Jenzar Navigator of the Marrion Jay Ship Community. With all due respect, though, I’m just as tired as Jason an’ like t’ be resting soon also. But I would like to meet your dragon, before I go.” Allissa looked up at him as he spoke to her. Like darkness incarnate, dressed in Darkness she thought. An alien; something which never walked this forest before. Something new. She was completely fascinated. 

Jayden appeared beside her as Harris spoke.

“Spacers are not welcome  here” he said menacingly

“Very well” replied Harris respectfully, looking Jayden in the eyes, smiling slightly “pleased to have made your aquantance, sir. Good night everyone.” And he faded exhausted from the dream plane into his own dreams for the rest of the night. 

D’neira and Tersh sat down together with Allissa on the ground near where Jason and Serai lay sleeping “Where are you going Allissa?” asked D’neira 

“To the forest, to find Tersh’s brother for him” answered Allissa. “Tersh thinks his brother can take down the barrier” she added

D’neira gave Tersh a look full of skepticism.

Tersh exploded “What is the matter with you woman? Does everything have to be untrue simply because I say it’s true? I always knew Tark was alive, and he is, right? I have the same feeling he will have an answer for Allissa and Chathalen. Why should I doubt? Perhaps the Shae has spoken to my heart. Who are you to doubt? And where’s the harm in this? Is hope a crime in your village also?” he pronounced the word for village as if it were a curse.

“It’s a dangerous journey Tersh, and the forest is a dangerous place, especially now that the dream creatures and the wildcats have both been antagonized by these aliens” reminded D’neira

“I will never let any harm come to my princess,” declared Tersh “and neither will Jayden. and these Aliens are my brother and my son. they mean us no harm, and will not harm us. You can trust in us”

“I don’t” D’neira stated flatly

“I know” said Tersh, “but we shall prove you wrong one more time D’neira”

“I certainly hope so” she replied “I can’t stop you. I wish you well on this journey, Allissa. Don’t hesitate to ask for help if there is anything I can do” she noticed Jason and Serai were no longer there. Then she was gone also, back to dreams of her own; some of them nightmares. 

Allissa trusted Tersh, and listened carefully to his directions on how to find the dragons. 

Jayden listened too.


Then Jayden talked to Tersh alone for awhile, while Allissa rested in her own earth bound dreams

4 old windwalking and dreamstone notes and scraps[]

64 wind walking notes

Under what circumstances do they talk about wind walking? 

perhaps Serai and Jason talk to D’neira about it after their assention? D’neira has already learned of it in attending the marriage. so this conversation should happen the day after their assention? or should some of it remain in the first meeting where Jason represents Alexandreil and explains the purpose of his journey.

***I need to clarify what that is before I can finish this bit*** 

discussion of wind dreaming and dreamstone out takes from leader meeting

dreamstone might remain at that meeting. 

dreaming might wait till after the marriage, when D’neira would confront them about it because of the marriage.

taken out from the meeting with the village leaders

(I need to sort out when and why they would now talk of these things*****

*** Harris explains about Spacer dreaming. (later, only to the dreamers)***

Harris explains the Spacer’s dream bonding, as he explained it to Jason, and what the Paragangians are trying to do with the dreamstone.

         “The temple is made of dream stone” Harris observed to Jason “and the Pillars which surround the city made of it also,”

          “Jonathan showed me the pillars, and told me some of their associated mythology. they are said to protect those who sleep within their circle from dream creatures”

        “across the river there’s also an unusual structure of no known use which they call the well of morning.” 

       “Jonathan showed me that also. I’d like to see it for myself. Jonathan said children use it to practice climbing”

         Chathanlen suggests he ask Perry to take him there later when he begins his training as a forager.

“We don’t know how the temple was made” Explained D’neira “or from what. Like the Well of Morning, it’s been here longer than anything else, as if it were always here. We consider it to have been built by the Ancients”

“who are the Anchients?” asked Jason  “ do they live in the ancient forest, with Tark? I assume Harris told you about my dream.” 

Harris touched the stone wall reverently, excited. “it’s definitely dream stone. This is what I was telling you about, Jason, this is the stuff Alexandrial believes we can use to create a dream field in space to link us to the planet, so we can be with our families in our dreams even when we’re out in space. I can feel the power of it. Don’t you feel it, Jason?”

 “Fascinating” said D’neira coldly, “The material you seek permission to mine is the same material our temple is built of. I would like to learn more of this, later.” 

Harris met her eyes “I’m not a miner, Matriarch D’neira. I’m a ship community navigator. It won’t even benefit me; the woman I love is Terran, and only dreams alone. My family live aboard the Marrion Jay. But I do enjoy dreaming, and I think your temple and the materials it is built of, as well as the technologies of it’s construction are quite amazing. I’m sorry you find offense in this but I’m quite honored to have the privilege to sleep within the walls of this temple of dreaming.”

D’neira wasn’t sure whether she should thank him or apologize, so she did neither.

Jason explains about his methods of dream travel. And when he begins to explain the wind, D’neira sees the nervousness in Chathalen’s face, and his sudden lack of questions. ****the forgoing bit should be dialogue, not summary****

         She turns to him, asking sharply “You already know of this don’t you Chathalen?” 

          No reply. 

          “Tersh taught you to do this, he learned it from his father. Now you can’t do it because of your authority. You kept this secret to protect him.” 

          He looked down, guilty and sad; missing his father and sorry to have had to deceive D’neira, who had always been kind to him. D’neira crossed the room and sat next to him, hugged him as if comforting a small child. “That’s why he’s angry, isn’t it, Honey? You didn’t lose only Allissa that night, you lost your father also.” When he lifted his eyes they were veined with grey. Serai sat down on the other side of him, taking his hand. “Don’t worry, sweetheart, I’ll talk to Tersh for you, and make everything okay.” She moved to stroke his face with her hand.

      He pushes her away angrily “Leave me alone Serai! you have Jason now, stop bothering everyone else.” But his eyes had returned to their usual darkness.

         She grinned flowing obediently away from Chathalen to sit very close holding Jason’s arm, whispering in his ear  “Chathalen hates when I flirt with him. It make him angry, so it takes his mind off his troubles.” they smiled together at her friendly deviousness and her soft warmth beside him felt comforting and natural, as if she were a part of him. He wrapped his hand around her fingers on his arm, and she leaned her head on his shoulder. He felt complete with her. 

D’neira gives her a warning glare wondering again whether allowing  Serai to remain at this meeting had not been wise. Though she had great respect for her skills as a weaver, The matriarch never had much patience for this girl’s flirting. Serai sat up and withdrew from him slightly, but Jason, oblivious to that exchange, still held her hand, so she didn’t pull away completely 

D’neira considered this. “I suppose anything that does not require entry though the portal cannot be forbidden. How could I presume to rule a place I have never entered? 

         Chathalen grinned “Tersh’s dream walking will be legal now?  I can walk with him, and not break my vows?” 

          D’neira smiled back “Yes, Chathalen, you can walk the dream wind with your father” 

          He hugged her “Thank you D’neira”

         “Can I too then, D’neira?” asked Serai, her voice breaking with excitement “I never cared much for dreaming, but with Jason it will be fun.” 

          Jason smiled back at her, drifting away into her eyes and D’neira scowled angrily, almost yelling. “Serai we are here to discuss serious matters. I asked you not to flirt with Jason, yet you have done nothing else.”

5 jason's introduction to foraging with Perry[]

63 Jason’s introduction to foraging with Perry

Jason is a very good climber and is able to obtain materials which others are not . thus he becomes highly valued as a forager, especially for obraining fiber and dye materials for Serai and medicinal plants for Chathalen, so he becomes respected in the village for his own actual skills apart from the fluke of killing a wildcat and being married to serai and being an alien and a dreamkeeper. 

6 Harris and JAson discuss why jason should become center [old, ][]

Jason questioning why he should become Paragan Center

Jason: why does Paragangia need a center? 

Harris: there has to be one man in charge of the whole system, one man connected to the central community mind. If he’s a good leader, he’ll delegate almost everything to other people and not really be in charge of much of anything, accept delegation. But to do this he has to understand the system and love the people. 

Jason: How can I be expected to understand Paragangia or love anyone who lives there? I am less than a sixteenth part Paragangian and I know nothing of Paragangia. If genetics matter, why not a pure Paragangian? someone trained for the position, or tested and tried and proven to have the right skills for this job. someone like you, Harris?  Someone they all love, like you? Why does the blood of Paragan matter? 

Harris: Paragan brought us out of space to the planet Paragangia when we had no home. Without Paragan, there is no Paragangia. only homeless spacers lost in the emptiness of space, aimless little islands of life in ship communities going no where. We had no direction. Paragan gave us something to live for something to care about and defend. something to seek after. He gave us Home. We honor his memory by seeking him until there are no more sons of Paragan to seek after. Is that so wrong?

Jason: How did you come to have no home? Where were you before you came to Paragangia? 

Harris: You’ve seen the history. Your mother painted it. 

Jason: Harris you know I haven’t seen it. I’ve only been to HomeStation once, and Rhonda was in a hurry 

she didn’t want to see what happened if you touched your father’s handprint thought harris. 

Harris: You said you had seen pictures of it. 

Jason: Sure, but I didn’t read the story, I just looked at the art work. I wasn’t interested. Now I am, So tell me. who was center before Paragan?


Harris: We were spacers, we lived in ship communities, and had no home planet. We traveled, and scavenged and traded materials from various planets. 

Jason: “you’re Dad?” 

Harris looked at him, questioningly “he’s not that old.”

Jason: you were all spacers so the Patriarch of the spacers lead before Paragan. Sen’tran. when paragangia was lost, sen’tran should have become center. you should be the crown prince, not me.

       Harris laughed. “you remember more than you realize, Jason. The patriarch at time of Paragan was Sen’tran, like my father’s name, and he was my ancestor. That’s why Spacers are considered by some the most pure faction, and by others not really Paragangian. Ship Community culture is older than Paragangian culture. We  choose not to leave space to follow Paragan. We respected him, united with him, served him, but we did not follow him. We remained Spacers. Some thought my Dad should become center when HomeStation was built. But Sen’tran refused, just like our anscester Sen’tran. If the Spacer faction became Center it would have changed us, tied us to the station. Spacers need independence to truly be spacers. To be honored outsiders, not the core of Paragangian culture. Sen’tran wanted us to live, not just lead; to act not just delegate. Just like he’s always trying to get me to give up navagation and start my own family and become Patriarch of own Community. He is loyal to Paragan, but He knows Paragan would not want him to abandon his Ship Community for a planet surface. Spacers are retrotechnologists, Jason. We take Paragangia forward by taking us back to before we were Paragania.”. 

       But Paragan was a prophet. He had visions, he could see the future. Paragan lead us far across the galaxy, to a new home,. a pre-Terran planet with a dream field, with very little life, and more land than water. So we called it Paragangia. We built on the planet surface like a ship community on the ground, like earth station Mexico, without the mexico part. The entire surface came to be Paragangian settlements, till there was no other life left of the planet, none of the little there had been when we came. 

      “You killed the planet?”

      “Yes. We killed the planet surface, and Then we dug deeper and built higher. the ship communities grew also, and there were numerous exile planets, of people who did not want to be part of the link or had been exiled from the link. Plus a few other specialized planets used for manufacture or education, stations on other planets, and the whole network of comm jumps and ship jumps. 

Harris grinned at Jason, realizing how this Reversed his philosophy of retrotechnology 

Jason: you can’t have just evolved in open space, with spaceships. you must have come from somewhere. some planet with a dream field. where did you come from before you became spacers? and why did you leave?  were you refugees of some terrible war or disease or natural disaster, or just abandon it because you liked space better, or just get lost and forget how to get home? or did you blow up you first home, too? maybe your eyes are a reminder of the first shattering.

Harris:  It’s not recorded in the histories. You’re right though, we didn’t evolve in space but our history began there. My father went searching for the planet of origin when he was younger. If he found it, he never told anyone. but he did find Plante RHoisoh, and learned that they had evolved from the same proto-paragangian spacers. Paragangia began in Space, lead by Paragan. He was a great leader and a great navigator. [not sure this makes sense, jason would know alot of this already by this time. ]

Jason “See? he was a navagator like you, Harris. You could be the next Prophet Paragan.”

Harris ignored him and went on “our matings were carefully chosen  before the new Empire. For thousands of years a child of Paragan would always be carefully breed and trained tested and approved to lead the community. Being of the blood of Pargagan came to symbolize all those things. Without even a planet, the name Pargan itself, the symbolic Identity of the name came to be more important to feeling we were one people than anything else. A center needs the loyalty of all the people more than anything. That loyalty is bought with blood, Jason. The blood of Paragan which still runs only in your veins now. If the computer verifies that you have the blood of Paragan, Paragangia will follow you.

Jason shivered: it’s good I didn’t look at the mural, and Harris didn’t tell me to touch that hand print  “why were they willing to accept Alexandreil as Center when Desmond died? 

Harris: A minute ago you said I could be the next Paragan, do what he did, and start a new line, like what you and Serai are doing for the line of the dreamkeepers in D’zeron. Jason, listen. by the time I was Born, it was too late already for me to be the one to start a new line. Desmond Harris was leading Paragangia long before they knew he had the blood of Paragan. It was Desmond, the American Negotiator born on HomeWorld, who gave us a New Home, a new center, made us one community again, not the blood of Paragan. It’s not the blood of the ptophet Paragan we want to unify us now, it’s the son of Desmond.

      He had the idea of building us a home, and he sold that Idea to America and to Paragangia. He convinced Sen’tran to give his blessing to the project.  He organgized the building of the station, the creating of the new central community mind, Desmond organized it all and got us all to agree. All he lacked to lead us was the name, the appearance of being Panganian and he didn’t really need it. He didn’t want to be a King any more than you do. He didn’t build the station for himself. He loved Paragangia and  He convinced us to unite under Alexandriel, and we would have gladly, because Desmond convinced us that unity was more important than having a perfect leader with perfect genetics, and we loved Desmond.If Desmond had ever areed to lead in his own name, he would have been accepted in a heartbeat even if he didn’t turn out to be Paragan.  But once it was known that an heir of Paragan had been finally found, Paragangia wanted to be lead by the blood of Paragan. It was a sign, a validation for this reborn empire. When Desmond died, the empire was already established, and we knew Alexandriel had been approved to rule, By Desmond and by Sen’tran. We didn’t want to lose our new empire, so we allowed Alexandreil to become center. Desmond and Sen’tran had chosen him. we follow him out of respect for Desmond and Sen’tran

Jason: “Why change it now? What’s wrong with letting Alexandriel go on as center? isn’t he doing a good job?”

[Alexandriel never wanted to be center. he was born and raised by his people o Earth Station Mexico, but he ever wanted to. he agreed the first time because he loved Jonathan, and Jonathan asked him to agree. 

[Harris would;t know those thngs, I need to figure out what he would be able to say at this oint]

Harris “Would you want to be ruled by the man who murdered your beloved king, if you knew the kings true heir still lived?”

Jason “I suppose not. But most people don’t know any of that, right? if the community knew, they wouldn’t have approved him.” 

Harris: “They think Jonathan caused his death, because Jonathan confessed to it publically before he was bannished by Alexandriel. But they know that Desmond left a message for his son which no-one else could open.”

Jason: “what about you, Harris? you said yourself the people would support you, and you have good linage. You be center yourself, if you don’t want to serve Alexandreil?”

Harris “Because I love Paragangia, and I serve Paragan. Desmond wanted you to rule. That’s why he left you messages.”

Jason: “But what if that isn’t true, Harris? You said yourself Desmond never wanted to be center. What if the message was never about that? He didn’t say, “Tell my son as soon as he turns 21 go to Paragangia and take over the empire.” did he? Paragangia is not my home. Desmond knew that, He knew he was dying and he sent my mother back to earth before he died and told her not to put his name on the birth cirtificate. He didn’t even claim me as his son, Harris. The message in your memory, the special hidden message, said not to follow him, he said “go home”. Home could be Kansas or Florida or D’zeron or HomeWorld; but it’s not Paragangia. He knew I wouldn’t grow up in Paragangia. If he wanted me to grow up there he would have given me to Sen’tran and told him to protect me or something. 

       He could have even meant for me to go home to the Heavenly Father after I die. Mormons talk about going home all the time. [he sings a few quotes from Mormon hymns]

Having a child often inspire parents to think of the faith of their own childhood. His message sounded more like a father calling his child to the faith than a king calling his Heir to the alien kingdom he secretly served.”

Harris sat quietly, considering. “I don’t know Jason. I always believed he wanted you to be center. I searched for you all my life, to redeem his honor and restore his kingdom. Now that I find you, you cast doubts on everything. Don’t you want to set thins right? take back the kingdom that was stolen from your family?

Jason “Jonathan is my father, and he still lives. Apparently everyone thinks he’s responsible for Desmond’s death. I have nothing to avenge. I never knew Desmond. I don’t know what happened. Alexandriel hired me to come to D’zeron. I wanted to come here. I want to stay. This is my home now.”

Harris: I wonder how Desmond would feel to know his son serves the traiter who killed him --whichever traiter killed him, since you claim to serve them both-- and shuns his memory. 

Jason “my father did not kill Desmond, and from what you say Sen’tran had as much to do with the exile as Alexandreil”

Harris : “Than why was he exiled? if he’s not a traitor, tell me why”

Jason sat silent for a moment. According to Harris, Alexandriel exiled Jonathan, with the help of Sen’tran, and erased his memories of Paragagnia, why?  to stop him from telling what really happened? What really happened? “I don’t know anything; he never told me. I didn’t know he was exiled. I didn’t know he was ever Paragangian” 

Harris “So many things he never told you”

Jason replied bitterly “At least Jonathan didn’t tell me because he couldn’t remember because Sen’tran took away his memories. I guess it’s a Paragangian tradition not to tell me things. I don’t want to be Paragangian.”

Harris “But you are, Jason. It’s not a choice. You can’t deny your genetic code. You are the son of Desmond Harris. You are Paragan. And the most powerful community in the galaxy is searching for you, waiting for you to face your destiny and take your place.”

after that they both fell silent. 

7 abraham and isaac revisited [old][]

Abraham and Isaac revisited. 

on the beach in jai-ten in their first real invested conversation Jason tells Harris the story of Abraham ad Isaac while trying to help Harris empathize with Sen’tran’s desire for harris to grow up and start his own family and leave the Marrion Jay community.

after Jason marries, when Harris is preparing to leave ad trying to get Jason to go back and claim his place as Desmond’s son, Harris comes to Jason

Jason I want to tell you a story, about a man named Harris Jenzar, who had a brother, born to him through the principle of perfect love which cast out fear, ….and he would tell the story in such a way that it showed that Jason should retur to  Paragangia and take his place. 

then Jason would reply, Harris, I want to tell you a story of a man named Jason Scott-Harris, who married a woman named Serai, and had a son born to him through [maybe the same principle, maybe through that principle plus some higher principle]… and then tells the story in a much more complicated way, and much ess logicall way which ends with Jason belinging to his home and his family in D’zeron. 

and something about the homeland. and the way they tell these stories would connect them through their baptism and would also fit in with the question of who is the father and who is the son, and the eventual need for Paragangia to retur to it’s primal homeland and reunite with the ancients..

“the gathering has begun”







14 end scene[]

Destiny of Dreams book one Ending.

          Jason found Harris sitting on the cliff looking out at the stars. Marrisyl stood and looked at him, then stretched her wings and lay back down on top of Harris head. Harris didn't seem to notice. perched on top of his head stretching her wings. Across the river Aissis was rising. Jason sat down silently beside Harris.

          “Sunrise in Jai-Ten,” Harris observed.

          It seemed forever since they left Jai-ten. That had been a different world and they were different people. It had been a month ago, maybe. JAson realized he didn't know how much time had passed...(check the time, might be 2 or three weeks, or it might be a few months now) 


          “Yes Jason?”

          “Harris I’m sorry.”

          “Why should you be sorry? I should thank you for so many things, and apologize myself, not accept your apology.”

          “You believed I’d be some great leader. You waited all your life for him. You must be very disapointed now that you know me. I’m not what you expected. And that guy you waited for, the Heir of Paragan, he probably doesn't exist because of me being who I am.

            Lifting Marrisyl from her perch on his head Harris grinned down at the pale young man. “You're not what I expected. You're more than I could possibly have imagined, little brother.  I've grown to be more than I ever imagined because of you. You are a great leader. You are the Patriarch of a new line of dreamkeepers for D’zeron. Our path together still has far to go. You will find a way to take your place as Paragan when the time is right, and you will still be who you are. But even if you never do, you’re still be my brother, and you'll still carry on the line of paragan silently here in D"zeron just as tyour grandmother Josaerene Paragan did in HomeWorld LDS colony. I wouldn’t trade you for any self-imagined hero of pure Paragangian Darkness.”

        Jason laughed. “For someone like Harris Jenzar, you mean? Because you already have one.” Then he added more seriously “I don’t want to lead Paragangia, Harris. I don’t even want to go back to report to Alexandreil. I want to stay with my wife, with my family. We belong here. We are part of this community and I want to raise my family here, to live and enjoy living. But I’ll miss you Harris. I wish you didn’t have to leave so soon.”

         “That’s what you makes a great leader Jason. A great leader cares about his people and is part of his community. You didn’t even want to be my friend when you first met me. And you didn’t want to marry Serai. So you don’t want to be Paragan yet. It’s okay. You’ll learn. When the time is right you’ll know. You’ll grow to embrace your destiny as I did when I came here. That’s what you do. That’s what you are. Forever increasing.”

          Jason threw a stone down the high cliff and watch it bounce and roll it’s way down to splash into the river Sh’Harn. “Eternal Progression,” Eternal Marriage, Eternal Family, Eternal Progression: The highest level of the afterlife in LDS mythology.

            He followed Harris’s gaze into the stars. A flash of light streaked across the sky.  “A falling star," said Jason."We should make a wish.”

           Harris laughed “No, Jedi Jason, that’s not a space rock dying in the atmosphere of Terran 8. and you already got your wish. That was the Marrion Jay flying away to help people have telpathic shape shifting babies on Rhoisoh. My world left me behind to face my destiny. We’ll both be staying in D’zeron for awhile.”