pronounced "car tall'

The larger of the two major land masses on the planet Terran 8, the only land mass which survived the surface destruction of the Proto-Paragangians. [the other land mass, Jai-Ten, was created later by the Ancients for Sen'tran ]

The main land surface of the continent starts at about 10-20 feet above sea level, with a cliff falling steeply to the sea beneath. there is a small area of natural coastline on the side where the Ancient forest is, and a beach along the shoreline at the mouth of the waterfall below the River Sh'harn

It is illegal to take any advanced technology to Kaar-Taal.

significant locations on Kaar-Taal:Edit

D'zeron , the low tech village Jason is traveling to with Harris .

the beach below the waterfall, where the River Sh'harn  flows into the sea.

The River Sh'harn

the forest Zair Thaleil

the Ancient Forest --a place which serves to connect the dream world, the waking world above the sea and the world of the Ancients below the sea. Lenn lives there. THis is the part of the planet which was the origional homeland of the Shore People who moved into the undersea cities and became the Ancients

The Mountains where the dragons live.[these should have a name, I think the mane is "the mountains where the dragons live, but since their are no other now, these just get called the mountains.

The Appointed Place where dream keepers go to be initiated as dreamkeepers, on day's journey from the village D'zeron. there is some sort of a dreamstone structure there simillar to the pilars and the temple but much more simple. it is a safe place to sleep and dream? I'm not sure what it is actually. needs work. Alissa spends the night there at the time CHathalen is being initiated . In waking it is called Far Hill

the Well of Morning [cave of silence]--an artifact built for the origional colony of D'zeron by the Ancients which block out the dream world

The High Cliff --a cliff above the river Sh'harn at the edge if D'zeron where people like to go to watch the moon Aissis rise.

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