also listed as Kaizen Rhoisoh

I get lazy and spell him without the apostrophy sometimes, so I might also have a link for him under that spelling or under his full name, Kai'zen Rhoisoh. His name was initially spelled Kai-zen, I think, but I'm trying to be consistent, and most of the older Paragangians have an apostrophy so I think he should have one too there have been a variety of spellings for the last name also. although Paragan doesn't. Para'gan? Nope. doesn't work at all. perhaps because that's actually a lat name, not a first name. Might have only been Sen'tran's generation who liked the apostrophy. Kai'zen was of that generation.

Kai'zen is the main bad guy in Destiny of Dreams, originally I named him Rhoisoh, because my husband [Royzo] wanted me to name something after him, and that was the character I was needing a name for at the time...bad timing. I didn't like him having Roy's name, so first I changed it to his last name and changed the spelling, and then I made it also the name of a planet and then decided he had been from the Paragan family but had taken the name of the planet he took control of. He was a Paragan prince who had no chance of being Paragan because he wasn't very obedient,[about 375 years before the Destiny of Dreams time period] so Young Sen'tran was trying to mentor him and get him to shape up.

But Kai'zen didn't shape up. He became increasingly evil until he had genetically altered a bunch of people for evil intentions and raped Sen'tran's wife. Sen'tran got so fed up with him that he left him marooned on the shape shifter's planet, the planet Rhoisoh .

Kai'zen never forgave Sen'tran for leaving him stuck there, so after about 100 years he murdered Sen'tran's son [the one who was Kai'zen's genetic son] in order to fake his own death and escaped to the brothel planet called Moonlight Oasis, where he continued his evil genetic experiments and plotted Revenge on Sen'ttran.

Meanwhile, Young Sen'tran blamed himself for the monster Kai'zen had become and swore he would not die until he had repaired all the damaged cause by Kai'zen. He also went to Terran 8 and met Quetz'l [AKA Shae at that time] at that time, and agreed to help Shae reunite all the dispersed people of Terran 8, and Shae [Quetz'l] agreed to help him with Kai'zen.

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