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the Father ofAlexandreil Teppin [thus his last name could be Teppin, or that could be the name of Alexandreil's dishonored mother] 

He is the Center of Earth Station Mexico in the time of Jason Scott-Harris and probably from the time of first contact. he's much younger than Sen'tran Jenzar but still one of the oldest people in the Galaxy, probably about 200 in Jason's time.

He comes under the control of Thaeron before the construction of HomeStation, probably not too long after ALexandreil is born, although I think creating Aexandreil was Kar'lohs Idea. that plan to restore the Empire might have been what brought Thearon to him. Thearon agreed to team up with him and by so doing took over.

However, he is a very mature and competant person. When  Thearon's plan to take over backfires and kills Alexandreil, the shock of his son's death is enough to enable him to break free of Thearon's control, with the help of Darcy , who is very forgiving and has been planting seeds of his redemption for a very long time.

He will later go to the dream world and Apologize to Desmond Harris [or Jonathan, depending on how much later] and Alexandreil

Grandfather of Leon and partially raised him. was ore of a father figure to Leon than ALexandreil was. Leo replaces him as Center of ESM when Kar'loh dies