[ Kar'loh? this spelling may change if I ever come up with any sort of consistent system for spelling.] I used to spell his name Carlos but I called him Carlo. today I decided since it must be short for some long Paragangian name it will be spelled Karlo, but at ESM many people will call him Carlos

the father of Alexandreil and the Center/Patriarch of ESM.

He last name by default probably has to be Teppin, or else Alexandreil's mother's Name was Teppin. probably the mother's name since Alexandreil was commissioned in order to carry on her presteige somehow. I wrote about him when I created him so at some point I'll find that and put it together with what I come up with now.

Karlo is a Patriarch, not near as old as Sen'tran but probably the second or third oldest guy in the universe, he's well over 150 but less than 200 years old.

He's under the control of Thearon before Alexandreil is born --or maybe slightly after, I'm not sure.

He wanted to make his family the new Paragan family, SInce Sen'tran refuses to take that role for the Jenzar Clan, so He convinces another female elder of his clan to conceive Alexandreil. they had been rivals and she hates him. she agrees t have the child and then as soon as the child is registered and named she willfully dies as Paragangians do, which is a grave offense in Paragangia and thus shames the child and her family of which she is the last. this messes with his plans, undermining the child's right to rule the empire but Karlo, under the influence of Thearon, persists in trying to get this child accepted as the closest thing to Paragan. Sen'tran, who knows there is a living descendant of the true Paragan does not accept the child at first, until he realizes Jonathan has bonded to the child. for Jonathan's sake, he agrees that if Jonathan can stay with Alexandreil he will give Alexandreil a central control implant.

Karlo might never appear in person, but is involved with the birth of Alexandreil, the implanting of Alexandreil and Jonathan, and the marriage of Alexandreil to Rhonda. Possibly also with the upbringing of Leon, and thus he might be important in later stories, or he might die when Thearon dies. if he does not die, he might be healed when Thearon dies, and have some important role in the second generation story as he would then be the oldest guy in the

Thearon will try to get Karlo to conceive another child in the same way for the same motive but Karlo will refuse. he tries in his own way to be a good father to Alexandreil, and feels regret for having brought him into the world the way he did. He's not entirely a bad guy.

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