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Twin Sister of Luke ,

In appearance she looks alot like her father Chathalen , only she is tiny like her mother Allissa . She is considered a beautiful child and a beautiful woman as she gets older. She is also very intelligent and skilled but very prideful, in her abilities and her looks and her parentage, both biological, and of her adoptive father Harris Jenzar. She is devious and ambitious. She is not a nice person, although she is very popular. She is not particularly malicious, however, just unkind and selfish. Raising her is a very difficult challenge for Harris and Allissa because she is so unlike them in personality. I feel sorry for whomever she marries. She likes Paragangia and Earth better than D'zeron and avoids spending time in D'zeron. Luke on the other hand Prefers D'zeron, so she will go there to visit him.

Luke will be the next great leader of D'zeron. I just realized this. He has the right Character for this role in the village. He will also be a healer like his father Chathalen, and an artist, continuing to expand the natural histories Chathalen and Allissa Worked on. He spends alot of time with his grandfather Tersh.

Meta Story[]

Now that I think about it this relationship reminds me of Ryan and Sharpay in High School Musical [I should put a link to that on some other wiki in case someone who reads this is not familiar with it. is there a highschool musical wiki on wikia?