[originally named Tark].

Son of Jonathan Landon and Sh'harra

Twin brother of Tersh, beleived by all but Tersh and Alexandreil to have died at birth.

First person Jason meets on the dream plane of Terran 8 .

because of some transgression by Alexandreil, the baby was born dreambound, To save him Quetzal made a deal with Alexandreil. the child was given to the dragons to raise, and all of his dream bonds to his family were broken so they would beleive he was dead, not dreambound. then Alexandreil stole the body of the child and took him to the dragons, where QUetzal was able to get his spirit to enter his body and he lived. edit 2014 july

in current versions Lenn is raised by the ancheints as well as the dragons, I'm not sure the details of the relationship or the transgressions which lead him to be with the dragons, or the details of how he abondoned the baby dragon Jayden in the well of MOrning to for the baby dragon AUbyn to be born, thus sending Allissa on the quest which eventualy reunites Lenn with his brother Tersh.end edit.

Alexandreil promised to return for him, but his plans were destroyed by his becoming Center when Desmond Died, which make him unable to leave the station. this was his primary motive for sending Jason to D"zeron.

Creation and EvolutionEdit

Originally named Tark, but that name was too easy for me to confuse with his brother Tersh , so I changed his name.

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