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Leon is the son of Rhonda and Alexandreil Teppin , on ESM slightly before Jason. When Alexandreil fails to become Center because the lost Paragan is found, his people return him to ESM and marry him to Rhonda to produce an Heir for his people [specifically Kar'Loh , the center of ESM].

He contributes to the situation which results in Chathalen and Alexandreil's becoming Dream Bound , because Darcy returns to ESM to try to protect Leon from Thearon , and the Darcy is trapped there, and unable to protect Alexandreil Chathalen Harris and Jason from Thearon

In one of the later sequals he enters a romantic relationship with Harris Jenzars 11 yr old Shape shifting Daughter Sunshine earning the disapproval of just about everyone.

When his grandfather Kar'loh dies, which will be soon after Alexandreil is Dream Bound, Leon will become Center of ESM