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A creature created by Sherman Hawthorn , the father of Emily Hawthorn in the HomeWorld series. A Frankenstein's monster sort of thing, Named Leviathan because it was originally to be huge and aquatic. during the creation of Leviathan, Gaia [the leader of Hell Colony] takes control of Dr Hawthorn through the Blue Stone implants Dr Hawthorn removed from Christian.

Gaia then takes over the creation process, turning Leviathan into a soul-stealing monster. He causes it to become space dwelling rather than water dwelling, causes it to consume, the shapeshifting body of unchosen Wikki, and Dr Hawthorn and attempts to consume his daughter Emily, who is a Chosen One. In so doing it accidentally consumes instead Sharae, the wife of time traveler Carston Hawthorn, who had sent her back in to to try to prevent the creation of Leviathan.

It is repelled from the earth by Emily Hawthorn and Wikki[whose spirit possesses Emily to escape being consumed by Leviathan, forcing Emily to hastily conceive a body for him to prevent her becoming permanently possessed by him.

Gaia then brings Leviathan to Hell Colony where it consumes the entire colony including Gaia. Gaia takes control of it and thus it comes to be known as Gaia until Emily Scott-Harris take over control of it from Gaia several generations later, in one of the much later next-generation sequels of the Destiny of Dreams series.

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