File:1261856193.jocarmen new arrow sketch.jpgFile:2006 Joshua with 6 ft scar mar 28 2006.jpgFile:2006 Wikki from DA apr 18 2006.jpg
File:2006 mar 28 Joshua.jpgFile:2006 sad Joshua.jpgFile:2006 waldo from DA april 2006.jpg
File:2007 Christian and Julie size referance oct 11 2007.jpgFile:2011 10 Harris sketch.jpgFile:2011 10 me Dr Holiday.jpg
File:2011 10 paragangian and rex.jpgFile:2011 9 Jason and EMily sketch 5.jpgFile:2011 9 jason and Emily sketch 1.jpg
File:2012 03 Destiny of dreams paperdolls to post.jpgFile:2012 03 Harris and Marrisyl eye to eye copy.jpgFile:2012 09 Jordan sketch wip.jpg
File:2012 0ct dragon ref 1.jpgFile:2012 9 Jason and Emily position sketch.jpgFile:2012 9 Jason and Emily sketch 2.jpg
File:2012 9 Jason and Emily sketch 3.jpgFile:2012 9 Jason and Matthias.jpgFile:2012 9 Jason and emily sketch 6.jpg
File:2012 9 Matthias Monitoring Jason's climb.jpgFile:2012 9 Matthias face sketch.jpgFile:2012 9 jason and EMily sketch 4.jpg
File:2012 Jason and Emily sketch 6 part 2 .jpgFile:2012 Jason and Emily sketch 7.jpgFile:2012 marrisyl in tree Arrow sneaking a drink.jpg
File:2012 oct dragon ref 2.jpgFile:ANgel EMily with sword from DA.jpgFile:Allissa and Tersh old sketch.jpg
File:Angry EMily position sketches from DA.jpgFile:Arrow and paragangian.jpgFile:Art jam arrow for jadis by major-arcana.jpg
File:Art jam billy amp spider by kia-tk.pngFile:Art jam billy by voz.pngFile:Art jam billy for jadis by thewarlockziv.jpg
File:Art jam gloria by bowiespoon.pngFile:Art jam gloria by voz.pngFile:Art jam harris and jason by arpie.png
File:Art jam jason and harris by voz.pngFile:Art jam matthias and sheila by bluephoenix.pngFile:Badge-edit-0.png
File:Badly colored jason and kitten by jadis.jpgFile:Between world sketches.jpgFile:Billy and his pet spider in his woven boat by jadis.jpg
File:Billy before he was created by jadis.jpgFile:Billy jam by hotarurocks.pngFile:Blue haired Emily and wikki by jadisofeternity.jpg
File:CHristian from DA.jpgFile:Cat teeth sketch june 22.jpgFile:Chathalen old scketch.jpg
File:Christian Mourning Gaia wip color 2012 .jpgFile:Christian after oct 4 2007.jpgFile:Christian first sketch oct 4 2007.jpg
File:Christian mourning Gaia oct 10 2007.jpgFile:Christian new kid life and death walk hand in hand from DA.jpgFile:Christians heart necklace oct 4 2007.jpg
File:Creepy Neil sketch june 21.jpgFile:Creepy Paragangian Rex.jpgFile:Creepy Paragangian Rex 2.jpg
File:Creepy Paragangian Rex edit feb 10 2013.jpgFile:Dance with me, Ray emily from DA.jpgFile:Daniel and EMily WIP digital color from DA.jpg
File:Daniel and EMily at the Dr from DA.jpgFile:Daniel and EMily sketch from DA.jpgFile:Daniel and Emily kiss from DA.jpg
File:Daniel lonely from DA.jpgFile:Darcy and Alexandreil second scan.jpgFile:Darcy and desmond by jadis.jpg
File:Darcy scan photoshopped.jpgFile:Demonic ray sketch from DA.jpgFile:Desmond.jpg
File:Desmond and GLoria on the beach 2.jpgFile:Digital ink correction Daniel from DA.jpgFile:Dneira old sketch.jpg
File:EMily and WIkki on the wall from DA.jpgFile:EMily and wikki wings from DA.jpgFile:EMily icon colored from DA.jpg
File:EMily tries differant hair colors from DA.jpgFile:EMily tries her wings from DA.jpgFile:Emily's brother Sherman from DA.jpg
File:Emily s friend Ray Fanart by jadisofeternity.jpgFile:Emily s friend Ray colored.JPGFile:Emily sketches by jadisofeternity.jpg
File:Emily wikki detail from wings pic DA.jpgFile:Emily with a sword by jadisofeternity.jpgFile:Emily with sword again by jadisofeternity.jpg
File:Example.jpgFile:Family pic Harris.jpgFile:Family pic Harris as Paragan copy.jpg
File:Family pic Harris as Paragan wip colored copy.jpgFile:Family pic Harris inverted.jpgFile:Family pic Jo inverted.jpg
File:Family pic back row position sketch v 2 copy.jpgFile:Family pic desmond 1cropped.jpgFile:Family pic dynasty of dreams mark colored.jpg
File:Family pic gloria cropped.jpgFile:Family pic sylvia croppoed.jpgFile:Family pick desmond 3 cropped.jpg
File:Family picture by Rebecca Blackwell.jpgFile:First Emily sketch.JPGFile:Forum new.gif
File:Gaia christians mentor from DA.jpgFile:Gaia leviathan from DA.jpgFile:Gloria for jadis by rione.jpg
File:Gloria scott sketch by jadis.jpgFile:Gloria sketch.jpgFile:Gloria sketch by thewarlockziv.jpg
File:Green pen sketch harris image.jpgFile:Harris and Allissa.jpgFile:Harris and Jason on the beach sketch.jpg
File:Harris and Jason redo.jpgFile:Harris and marisyl pen sketch.jpgFile:Harris and marrisyl recolor by jadis.jpg
File:Harris and sylvia by beruthiel.jpgFile:Harris cropped.jpgFile:Harris with a beard.jpg
File:Hes so little by jadis.jpgFile:How to carry chidren cropped.jpgFile:IMG 3799.jpg
File:Image.jpgFile:Inverted para with scarf.jpgFile:JASON DOODLES.jpg
File:Jadis Commish Lineart by BloodRoseAngel.jpgFile:Jadis commish.jpgFile:Jadiscommishlineart.jpg
File:Jadisofeternity.jpgFile:Jason Harris and Serai by jadisofeternity.jpgFile:Jason Harris cropped.jpg
File:Jason and Harris June 21.jpgFile:Jason and Harris WIP by BloodRoseAngel.jpgFile:Jason and Harris and fan art.jpg
File:Jason and Harris scan.jpgFile:Jason and Harris wip coloring 2.jpgFile:Jason and Harris wip coloring 2 sketch.jpg
File:Jason and Serai from DA.jpgFile:Jason and Serai kiss cropped.jpgFile:Jason and baby EMily from DA.jpg
File:Jason and emily wip sketch color.jpgFile:Jason and emily wip sketch color day 2 take 2.jpgFile:Jason and his guitar ipad sketch.jpg
File:Jason and kitten cell shading june 10.jpgFile:Jason and kitten head only position sketch.jpgFile:Jason and kitten recolor 2 2013 .jpg
File:Jason colage 2 cropped resized.jpgFile:Jason emily hope.jpgFile:Jason harris and marisyl by bluephoenix.jpg
File:Jason ipad colored by Aubyn.JPGFile:Jason leaning on wall sketch june 21.jpgFile:Jason on roof in snow.jpg
File:Jason pen sketch.jpegFile:Jasonrandom doodle rant by jadis.jpgFile:Jo gloria and harris by jadis.jpg
File:Jonathan and Alexandreil color wip sept 2012 take two.jpgFile:Jordan at cafe position color 1 copy.jpgFile:Jordan position sketch pencil by jadis.jpg
File:Joshua from DA.jpgFile:Julie holding Christian oct 11 2007.jpgFile:Lightning.jpg
File:Many faces of Emily from DA .jpgFile:Marrisyl.jpgFile:Marrisyl back.jpg
File:Marrisyl front.jpgFile:Marrisyl side.jpgFile:Mike billy ricky nick.jpg
File:Nano icon.pngFile:Neil paragangia.jpgFile:New Harris sketch.jpg
File:Not a demon Christian oct 4 2007.jpgFile:Not neil paragangian.jpgFile:Oops XD by BloodRoseAngel.jpg
File:P1070520.JPGFile:P1070546.JPGFile:Paragangian and shadow.jpg
File:Paragangian practice 1.jpgFile:Position sketches.jpgFile:Quetal sketch.jpg
File:Quetz'l.jpgFile:Quetzal shirt concept sketch.jpgFile:Random ray sketch colored.jpg
File:Random ray sketch from DA.jpgFile:Ray Luciente and Alazar from DA.jpgFile:Ray being drunk and annoying from DA.jpg
File:Ray colored from DA.jpgFile:Ruth.jpgFile:Ruth1b.jpg
File:San heath by jadisofeternity.jpgFile:Scan aubyns arrow.jpgFile:Scan baby arrow.jpg
File:Sen jr.jpgFile:Sen jr inverted .jpgFile:Serai aubyn lizzy.jpg
File:Serai gloria jason hope emily.jpgFile:Serai with braids.jpgFile:Serais students by jadis.jpg
File:Sketch for Rebecca Blackwell's Jason and Harris.jpgFile:Smile sketch.jpgFile:Spirit of mud and sand.jpg
File:Story sharing preveiw from DA.jpgFile:Tablet doodles by jadis.jpgFile:Taz and Matthias.jpg
File:Taz and her kids at church.jpgFile:The story of Emily by jadisofeternity.jpgFile:Tiny Paragangian and Arrow.jpg
File:WIkki's Eyes from DA.jpgFile:WIkki Arrives in Between world from DA.jpgFile:WIkki wings from DA.jpg
File:Waiting to bake.jpgFile:Wiki-backgroundFile:Wiki-wordmark.png
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