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Biological son of Chathalen and Allissa raised by Harris Jenzar and Allissa, named, by Chathalen, after a character from Star Wars , a movie Chathalen had never seen but had been told all about by Harris.

Twin brother of Laia . Luke is quiet, calm, affectionate and humble. He is very opposite in character from Laia who is hyper, brilliant, and slightly conceited. He is easily overwhelmed by Laia's aggressive superiority and easily lost in her shadow as a young child, but he will show his greatness as he grows older. She also tends to get him in trouble. It's a bit of a love/hate relationship between them. Apparently fraternal twins run in Chatalen's family, since his father was also a fraternal twin. Hope Scott-Harris , therefore, and her descendants might be likely to have twins, unless the Twin tendancy is on Sh'hara 's side, in which case Luke and Laia had it on both sides, and Allissa's other children might also have the gene for it.

In appearance, Luke [aka Lukey] takes more after the D'zeron side of the family.

As a child, Laia calls him Lukey, and so everyone else does too. As teenager he rejects that name. As an adult, when he has finally overcome his rivalry with his sister, he secretly loves to be called that, and so the people who know him well still call him Lukey. Jonathan probably calls him 'Key. -----LOL this being the case, whichever book ends up being called Keys of the Kingdom should have something about Luke in it.

Luke will be the next great leader of D'zeron, after Jason and Serai. I just realized this. He has the right Character for this role in the village. He will also be a healer like his father Chathalen, and an artist, continuing to expand the natural histories Chathalen and Allissa Worked on. he spends alot of time with his grandfather Tersh.

Luke will take over as Patriarch and Dream keeper when Serai dies and Jason disappears with Zenneth. Zenneth would visit him and tell him what Zenneth's plans were before taking Jason. He would help raise the child while Jason is gone, but would make very clear to Zenneth that he's better get Jason back in time and in good enough condition to be the primary father figure in this boy's life.

He will probably marry one of Serai's weaving apprentices, someone of low status but high potential. and they will have lots of talented children, restoring the line of Dream Keepers. The Ancients will try to get him to marry and Ancient but he will refuse. They will respect his decision. He will marry late because, like Chathalen, he has to wait for his wife to come of age. This might annoy people who are trying to get him to produce heir as fast as possible, but he will make up for lost time by having multiple births, perhaps triplets for his first child or something.