One of the most artistically popular characters in the story.

She is a Dragon Ferret and does not like to be called a Rat Pigeon.

She is the mother of Arrow , who is also artistically popular. [In Aubyn 's fan fiction she is also the mother of Alaina ]


When Jason is trying to help Harris recover from memory implant removal on the beach at Kaar-Taal he rescues her from a wildcat Kitten and gives her to Harris to take care of.

Harris leaves her with Allissa when he returns with Jason to HomeStation. Harris and Allissa bring her with them when they return to the Marrion Jay from D'zeron on the light arrow Space taxi after their marriage in D'zeron.

She gives birth to Arrow on the Light Arrow Space Taxi while Harris and Allissa are traveling back to the Marrion Jay after their marriage.

Arrow and Marrysil assist to the terraforming of the restored planet Paragangia.

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