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also listed as Door Matt

In the story, his first appearance is when Jason enters ESM on his way to HomeStation. He confuses him briefly by quoting a scripture, and he knows Jason's Name without being told. this takes only a second in the story and he will not appear again until book three when Chathalen Passes through Earth station Mexico. H will ask to speak to Chathalen privately after quoting some other intreguing scripture to him, and addressing him by name [which is much more impressive than addressing Jason by name, since Jason is famous and has been to the station before, but Chathalen has never been to earth before]. Matthew then warns Chathalen about the threat of Thearon attacking his friends when they return to HomeStation. Chathalen will not respond to this information in the way they[the Shamen Guild] intend for him to when they warn him. Of course, the reader won't know anythign about any of this until three books later. so this will seem like an insignificant encounter at the time it happens.

Character Creation and Evolution.[]

one time when I was manic I had this ---I thought--brilliant inspiration [actually fairly ridiculous] that I could have a guy named matthew standing at the door of earth Station Mexico [thus making him "door Matt" ] and he would quote the verse about entering in at the straight gate, and then he would say to Jason "What is behind the door which will open only for you, Jason Scott-Harris?" [refering to the message in the wall left by Desmond for Jason] so I added him to the story. later during some other Manic episode, I decided that Darcy and Matt were both LDS and would go to Church with Harris after he joins the church[well, actually before since he was waiting to get permission, being Paragangian] so it turns out these guys are part of the secret Shamen's guild of which Sen'rtan is the leader which is a group of various guys on various planets of various races which have various supernatural abilities. Matt is some sort of a powerful telepath and he acts as sort of a messanger for Darcy who Is trying to protect everyone from Thearon on ESM and Home Station. This is all I remember right now of this story, I hope that I will find the original version of it in my files someplace soon.