Every Paragangian Citizen has a Memory Implant implanted in the back of his or her skull and connected to his or her bran at about age 4, when his brain reaches a sufficient degree of maturity.

The implant facilitates more efficient storing editing and retrieval of memories, hence the name, but primarily it permanently links the Paragangian to his Community Mind which is linked to every other community mind, and in Empire times is linked to the Center of the Empire.

When a Paragangian is forcibly exiled for a serious crime such as murder, which is considered very serious because choosing one's own time of death is highly valued in Paragangian culture, the implant is removed, and Paragangian medical care is withdrawn. Most Paragangians die within a few years of Implant removal and exile.

There are two types of Memory implants, the standard kind and Central Control Implants , which enable a person to serve as Center in a Community mind or as Navigator on a Ship Community . A Space Taxi Ship can be opperated by a person with a standard implant, but is more efficient with a real navigator.

Thus the implanting of Central Control implants is very political,

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