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Mexico in my stories:[]

In the Destiny of Dreams story, I randomly placed Earth Station Mexico in my story and that lead to the Mexican Village by the gate of it, and Planet Mexico.

in Lynzee's Fountain , --more to the point, in Snow Angel , the short story that evolved from,--I randomly had Lonnie disapear in Mexico. that lead to Jordan growing up in Mexico and them traveling around Mexico which lead to Mexico being the point of first contact with Alien races, which lead back to Earth Station Mexico.

in another one of my story Ideas which I didn't have time to pursue at boot camp , I wrote a weird little story about artifacts in someone's yard which would transport people to some ancient Aztec temple or something.I don't remember exactly, but I liked that story and I really wanted to write it. Perhaps it would have been a better choice than Human Sacrifice.


I have never been to Mexico, but I have always wanted to go there.

Some of my ancestors came from Mexico, and when I was a child my grandparents often traveled to Mexico and brought back interesting gifts to me. I have always loved and been fascinated by Mexico.

When I went to the Orson Scott Card writing class , on the first day, I had a chance o talk to him[we were both getting some refreshments at the same time or something], and I somehow managed to ask a question about how much research I need to do to write the Lynzee's Fountain story [set mostly in Mexico] which I was working on at that time.

"When are you going to Mexico?" He asked

I replied "I want to learn some Spanish first"

He replied "You are never going to write this story. You are making excuses not to. What are you afraid of?"

That conversation haunts me. I'm sure he's right, but I still don't clearly know what I am afraid of.