A brothel planet created by Kaizen Rhoisoh, where is conducts his evil genetic experiments.

The name comes from the fact that it has so many moons that the sun is almost always in eclipse, so it is always moonlit Day or night. Paragangians don't like sun so this would be an appealing feature for them.

Jonathan [Derreck Rhoisoh] Landon is conceived on this planet, though he is not born there [He is implanted into Sen'tran, as a temporary measure to protect his shape-shifting mother from the unfortunate side effects of his telepathy and then him mother is killed before Sen can return him. Sen'tran gives birth to him alone, in space, and then takes him to ESM].

Jonathan's younger [half?] Brother Darcy , and Darcy's shape-shifting wife Rain were born there. Most of the people of this planet are bred to be prostitutes.

Darcy and Jonathan were bred with telepathic abilities and for Seduction and control of men. However, an unintended side effect of Jonathan and Darcy's telepathy was that they were immune from their half brother Thearon's telapathic mind control, and able to protect others from him to some degree. This is why both of them at different times serve as a personal assistant to Alexandreil--to protect him from Thearon, who wants to take control of Alexandreil so he can control the Empire

Thearon was an older brother born on Planet Rhoisoh, before Kaisen moved to Moonlight Oasis, and his purpose of creation was different, he was his father's Heir and assistant. Jonathan was bred partly with this same intention, but through Sen'tran's training and possibly even slight physical alterations, Jonathan does not follow that path.

There are two parts of the story set on this planet: the circumstances surrounding Jonathan's birth, and the circumstances surrounding Darcy killing his father Kaizen Rhoisoh, with the help of Rain and Sen'tran. Both of these are backstory to Destiny of Dreams, so unlikely to be included in any detail in any book of the Destiny of Dreams series.

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