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for my 2015 Nano novel I was planning on writing a book about Matthias and Sammy as Children.

Roy brainstormed some Ideas with me a few months before. The story had to do with the brothers finding a stash of alien technology left behind by their presumed dead father, and trying to figure out what the stuff is and what happened to him. Sammy at this time is about 3 and Matthias about 15. I was not sure the ages work out right relative to their ages in the Matthias and Taz story, but I din't care at this point.

I thought writing this story would forcing me to develop the world of the time better, to create a monetary system and transportations systems and some history of the world and such. the main technology added at this point so far is the Sky Road, which is a tubular track of Paragangian creation which connects all the major cities of "America" in this time period. It was given to the earth as part of the deal after the shattering to allow the paragangian refugees to settle at earth station Mexico. the sky road was created in a day and is maintained by the paragangians.

In the end, I made little successful progress on the novel, even though I won. I did as stated above develop some good world creation and a few new interesting characters, but I did not end up with anything like a complete novel.

I am considering making a picture book based on the first part of the story, though. the story turned out to be very religious and philosophical rather than written for pre-teens as originally intended, and Sammy was supposed to be 3 but thought and acted much older. it was overall badly done.