Called the new start version because the previous versions all started with Jason and Harris arriving at Terran 8 , but this version added several all-new chapters starting from slightly before the time Jason is invited to travel to D'zeron .

I chose to write this new start because I thought it might be a better way to introduce Jason and present his backstory.

many of these added chapters take place at the Alien Studies Department, and the New start makes Jason's assistant Matthias a much more developed and important character

the planetary arrival starting point was a vestige of the time when the story was based in D'zeron and Jason and Harris were just the Alien invaders randomly added to create some sort of a threat more interesting than a baby dragon and an autistic princess.

When they became then main focus, I just reversed the order of the chapters, introducing them before Allissa , but I left the beginning of their story planetary arrival, as if D'zeron was their only story. when their story grew far beyond D'zeron that was no longer a suitable place to start.

Current draft of New Start Version

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