Paragangia Wiki

Father of Christian Strauss , died shortly after Christian was born

co-founder with Gaia of the colony on Blue Destiny which became Hell Colony.

Murdered by Gaia 2 weeks after the birth of his son Christian, immediately before the exodus to Beta Blue

Researched and experimented with Blue Stone. Christian had a Blue Stone Ank Necklace which was made by Nicodemus. [ Christian's Necklace ]

Started the catch phrase "life and death walk hand in hand" which was then perpetuated though his descendants at HomeWorld LDS Colony

His wife Shondra Strauss was part alien, probably part Paragangian or at least of Proto-Paragangian descent [possibly Rhoisoan.] she was however born on the earth, one parent being of the Earth.[a Port Marriage , perhaps]

when Nicodemus died, Gaia appointed himself the leader of Hell, but Shondra was clearly recognized by the people as the Queen of Hell, although Gaia's leadership was also respected.